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Taipei Free Walking Tour Historic Route

4.8 1,920 reviews | 20K+ Booked
The West side of Taipei was once the hub for economic and political activities back when Taiwan's modern development was at its peak. With this tour, you will walk back in time through Taiwan's rich history and culture - learn about traditional beliefs during the Qing dynasty, the cultural change when it was under Japanese ruling, to the political landscape during the arrival of the Nationalist government in the 1950's. The 3 hour guided tour will take you to all the essential attractions in West Taipei such as the Longshan Temple, Bopiliao Historical Block, Ximen Red House, and more! It's a great way to get a glimpse of how Taipei was shaped by multiple cultures and historic events. It's perfect for those who want to leisurely explore the best of Taipei with fellow travellers around the world.
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Taiwanese Folk Arts

4.0 14 reviews | 500+ Booked
Spend the afternoon in the crafty districts of Taiwan visiting the country's cultural centers and watching talented artisans at work. Begin in Sansia, a traditional district known for its well preserved Japanese colonial architecture and famed Tsushih Temple, an exquisite example of intricate Chinese temple art and sculpture. Next, head to the famous pottery town of Yingge, boasting several hundred pottery studios and shops. Even today, the village square displays a coal-fire kiln for a landmark! Roam the old pottery street, watch potters at work and shop for your very own unique ceramics.
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Keelung Walking Tour

4.7 16 reviews | 300+ Booked
Discover Keelung through the eyes of a local with this three hour walking tour of the city. Designed by local Keelungers who are passionate about their beloved home and are excited to share their city with you, the tour will take you to some of the best kept secrets of Keelung. Travel with a small and intimate group and follow your knowledgeable bilingual guide through off the beaten path alleys and see the city like you've never seen it before! Visit secret destinations like the centric air raid shelter, maritime plazas and more and get a chance to interact with locals, and see how they really live. Pass by the treasures of the night market, taste true and authentic Taiwanese food and local cuisine, and learn about the city from passionate local guides. Ultimately, gain insight on the day to day lives of the Keelungers - the best way to get to know a foreign city.
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Taipei Jiufen English Walking Tour

4.7 6 reviews | 100+ Booked
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Taipei Bike, Metro, and Walking Tour

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
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Taipei LGBT Private Walking Tour

5.0 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
‘Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Homophobia’s got to go, go!’ Raise your rainbow flags and stand up loud and proud on a tour that celebrates the LGBT community of Taipei City! Discover the vibrant and colorful gay scenes of the number 1 LGBT friendly country in Asia. Explore the city’s historical landmarks that paved the way to Taiwan's LGBT movement and have served as critical symbols for the community’s fight for equal rights. Start your liberating tour with a visit to the place where the first Pride March in Taiwan was held, the 228 Peace Memorial Park, and relive the country’s most iconic principal step towards equality. Make your way to the Red House Theater and take a stroll around the unofficial LGBT district of Taipei to see some of the Taiwanese LGBT community’s popular hang out spots and creative spaces. Get to your next destination like a true local by riding an MRT to the notable GinGin Store. Being one of the first culture shops that focuses on LGBT materials, the GinGin Store features literature, magazines, DVDs/CDs, apparels, adult toys, and even art exhibitions from LGBT artists and allies - basically everything you need for the rainbow life. Book a walking tour in Taipei and celebrate pride where the biggest LGBT parade in Asia is held yearly!
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What people are saying about Walking Tours in Taipei

Krizia Marie Published 532 days ago
Absolutely loved this tour! We were running on caffeine as my friends and I went straight into this tour landing from a red eye flight, but the young guides' enthusiasm and knowledge more than made up for our lack of sleep and the relentless Taipei heat. Pack a bottle of water and put your caps, sunglasses, and sunblock on — it's extremely hot and humid as the tour could stretch to around an hour after noontime when the sun is scorching.
Maureen Published 539 days ago
TAIPEI Historical Walking Tour It's always a wonder seeing architectural attractions, moreso when you get to see them for the first time. It's a visual feast! But knowing the history - the story behind those great buildings takes the admiration to a different level. You get to know a city and how it is shaped by multiple cultures through architectural designs. For our second day, we embarked on a walking tour together with other nationalities under the scorching, summer heat of Taipei. Our guide is Lo, a young Taiwanese local, who generously shared his knowledge of Taiwan's history. First stop: LONGSHAN TEMPLE A famous temple in Taipei built during the Qing Dynasty. If I remember it right, the temple houses four Gods. One is the God of Love, which our guide identified as the Old Man from the Moon. Travellers all over the world pray infront of this Love God and seek answers to their love questions. Two moon blocks (crescent shape) are thrown into the floor - one flat and one round side means yes. Of course I tried this tradition, and I got a yes! For a yes, I got a red string I have to keep. Our guide told us that this string in theory will bind you with your loved one forever. Second stop: Bopilao Historical Block Once the busiest and most successful commercial block, it was relegated to a back alley during Japanese occupation. The streets are quite curvy, our guide says it was designed that way because people back then believed that blind curves can slow down hordes of zombies. Third stop: Ximen Red House Built by the Japanese, it now houses a theater, teahouses and exhibits. Beside this landmark is a line of bars and restos which is the LGBT spot in Taipei. Our guide reminded us that Taiwan is the first ever country in Asia where same-sex marriage has been legalized. It is also the same country to grant same-sex divorce a little over three weeks after the resolution. Fourth Stop: Presidential Building It is here I got a little sad and affected. This landmark currently houses the President of Taiwan, a small lady who bravely opposes China's aggression and stands up for their country's sovereignty and democracy. All I can do is sigh and wishfully hope that my own President to regain back his own balls (which I presumes he already sold to China). Fifth Stop: Peace Memorial Park Our guide continued his history lesson to us with a more detailed account between the struggle of People's Republic China (PRC) and Republic of China (ROC). He discussed the separation between PRC and ROC and Chiang Kai Shek's rise to power. He added the brutality under the time of Chiang Kai Shek and how local Taiwanese were mass slaughtered. ROC soldiers identify if you're a local if 1. You don't know Mandarin 2. You know Japanese. And all of those dead people? They are commemorated in this Memorial Park. Last Stop: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial So, why is there a grand palace built as CKS' memorial after all the killings? Our guide says this lavish memorial was built during CKS' son regime in the country. Moreover, as much as there are lots of anti-CKS in Taiwan, there are also those who love and rever him and also treat him as a God. I can compare him to Marcos in our country. Either you despise him or love him like a fanatic does. Well, it was a hot day for all of us in the tour but we didn't mind. Taiwan is beautiful, and having scratched a little bit of it's history, the country has become alive right before me. "To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child." - Cicero
MARY GRACE Published 553 days ago
Me, my friend and my sister had a wonderful stay in Taipei, Taiwan because of this historic route tour by walk. It was good to walk during early at night, we visited some important and historic places and our tour guide was so great even they are still your and I think they were still students that time, I will probably go back in Taipei with other sets of friends or family and other related companions. This was good experience to all of us.
Anne Nicole Alyssandra Published 569 days ago
I would recommend that all visitors to Taipei take this tour if you like to walk around a lot. The tour guide was young but very knowledgeable about the history of Taipei in general and the sites that we visited during the tour. What I like most is that the tour guide connected the historical facts to the current social, political, and economic status of Taipei. It was a very nice glimpse into how the past affected the future. I will recommend to all my friends who are visiting Taipei soon!
Kia Yong Published 571 days ago
This is a great tour which provided us with lots of insight of Taiwan which I never knew before even though I have visited Taipei quite a few times in the past. I would recommend visitors visiting Taiwan to go for this tour. if possible, go for this walking tour first before your actual trip. this will provide you with much more time to explore all the areas of interest mentioned. Also, u will better understand the culture of Taiwan and appreciate why the government or locals carry out their tasks and activities. Boan was a very knowledgeable guide, both in the places and also in the detail politics of the country which he shared willingly. Highly recommended!
Lois Published 592 days ago
Really interesting tour as we visited the significant and historic buildings in Taipei. Expect the tour to end around 15 minutes later than the original 3 hours but that’s okay because you get to experience more! Tour guides Claudia and Joyce were super friendly and easily approachable to ask any questions.

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