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Goa Walking Tour

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Enjoy seeing the sights and sounds of Goa in this walking tour, which begins with a meetup with your English speaking guide at the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, which was first built in 1541. Having been colonized by the Portuguese, a number of Churches are famous here, which include the Panjim Church and the simple but beautiful Chapel of St. Sebastian. The Portuguese influence is evident in the very streets you walk through as you head to the oldest high courts in the country, as well as the residence of the nation's Chief Minister. Artistry is also found in Goa when you visit the art gallery that features Scandinavian art, and you'll be able to compare and contrast it with the local artists' work also featured within. Jog down Altinho Hill, with its wonderful steps, before you come upon the Archbishop's Palace in Goa, which was full of history in politics and religion. Then you'll conclude the tour at one of the most splendid sights in Goa, the Maruti Temple, with its incredible design and orange facade, which seems to be a mixture of western and Indian design.
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Most cities are either completely urbanized, or neglected by time. But in the city of Campal, the past and the present thrive side by side. Visit this heritage district for a walk through the most idyllic parts of Panjim. For your first stop, meet your guide at Kala Academy for an educational walk along the works of the famous architect Charles Correa. Marvel at Correa's impressive approach on design, as well as his technique of incorporating nature into the architectural plan of Dayanand Bandodkar Marg. Head next to the Mandovi River for a panoramic view of the Reis Magos Fort, an ancient monument preserved by the Goan government. Move along the route and stumble upon the Maquinez Palace and the old Goa Medical College. After a quick tour of the historical sites, check out St. Inez Creek and learn how it transformed from a marshland into its current state. See more of the grid-lock pattern of the city as your guide explains the architectural aesthetic of the nearby streets. Go on a quick detour of Military Hospital before making your way back to Kala Academy.
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Go beyond the pristine beaches of Goa and visit its colonial past with this heritage tour of Fontainhas! See a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese culture in every corner of the Old Latin Quarter; from architecture and music, to historical sites and Catholic churches. Start your journey with a meet up at the General Post Office Panjim, where your local English-speaking guide awaits. Make your first stop at the nearby Tobacco Square, an excellent starting point for easy access to all of Fontainhas' streets. Gaze upon the colorful houses and establishments while on your way to the heritage precinct of St. Thomas ward and the small church of San Thome, areas that give insight into the religious influence of the Portuguese. Grab a quick bite of Goan delicacies at the 31st January Bakery before your tour continues on to the 18th century chapel of San Sebastian. Walk farther along the beaten path and discover a cluster of fascinating heritage sites: Panjim Inn, Fundacao Orient, and Galerie Gitanjali. Hear the extent of Goa's Portuguese roots in music when you visit a famous Goan musician, which varies depending on the day. Shop for handcrafted ceramic souvenirs for loved ones back home at Marcou Artificial before your tour ends.
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Goa Art Walking Tour

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Discover Goa beyond its breathtaking beaches, seafood, and parties - set forth to a walking tour to uncover the Goan history, culture, and artistry! Start your afternoon adventure inside the Houses of Goa, a unique ship-shaped museum displaying the region’s cultural and architectural history from the Indo-Portuguese era and see how the two nations create a distinct fusion of offbeat contemporary artforms. After that, make your way to the Museum Cafe, that not only appeals to your visual and aesthetic pleasure but also caters to your gastronomical needs. Head over to the Mario Gallery, a gallery dedicated to the iconic Goan artist and cartoonist, Mario Miranda, and witness his original works come to life. Have some time to ponder over the symbolisms and meanings behind the artworks as you take a stroll along the lake side before capping off your tour. Experience a new side of Goa that goes beyond its exciting night life and attractions on this walking tour to its finest art spaces.
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Goa Street Food Crawl

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Few things immerse you more deeply into learning a culture than trying its food. This two hour street food tour of Goa will show you the city's local pulse, its tastes and flavors, and allow you to discover its cultural (and culinary) identity. After meeting with your English speaking guide, you'll tour Goa's streets, meeting the locals and sampling local favorites. You'll taste six to seven of the delicacies, such as pan-fried Goan sausages, fish curry rice, sweet pedas, and even chamuças! As your tour concludes in Panaji, you'll look back fondly (and with a full stomach) at this amazing culinary experience.
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