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Mumbai Dharavi Slum Walking Tour

4.6 43 reviews | 800+ Booked
Mumbai's Dharavi Slum is more than what meets the eye. Once your initial apprehensions are cast aside, you can open your eyes to a growing hive of life, living, and small businesses. Upon meeting your guide, you will head into Dharavi, where you will be able to experience the every day ongoings of this unique area. Numerous small businesses are thriving in every corner, from exotic soaps and handmade cosmetics, to pottery and textiles. Throughout your walk, you'll see how everyday life plays out with the members of the community within it. You'll see how they go to work, make their food, go home, and interact with everyone around them in this community. Along the way, you'll also learn the value of recycling. You'll see sourcing, treatment and reselling in the recycling process. It's a truly eye-opening experience in Mumbai.
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Mumbai Unplugged Half Day Tour

5.0 23 reviews | 300+ Booked
To get to know a city best, there's nothing like taking it from a casual, down-to-earth perspective that isn't restricted by elaborate tour plans. An English speaking guide will meet up with you and you will head to the Gateway of India and learn about this 20th century wonder, erected during the visit of King George V and Queen Mary. Then, on a bus or taxi, you'll head to the dazzling Gothic architecture of the C.S.T. Train station. It's a picture perfect spot you'll want to capture before you take a train in that same station to Dadar to see the local flower market. The Dadar flower market is one of the most famous markets in the city, lined with thousands of blooms. Then it's another train journey to Mahalxmi Station and see Dhobi Ghaat, the largest open air laundry in all of Asia. You'll take the train right back to Churchgate station and you'll get to watch the local Dabbawaalas, or lunch delivery men at work. These valuable, efficient individuals carry huge towers of lunchboxes that are purchased and eaten by a huge percentage of the workforce in Mumbai. This tour is a true taste of the local colors of Mumbai that gives you valuable insight into everyday life.
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US$ 16.85
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Mumbai Walking Food Tour

4.6 9 reviews | 100+ Booked
Indulge yourself in some of India's best food with this 2.5-hour night food tour of Mumbai, which gives you a sample of the city's most popular dishes! Walk through Mumbai's engaged streets and discover the best food stalls and restaurants with the help of your foodie guide. Taste a variety of different Indian dishes such as Pav Bhaji, spicy vegetable curry with a soft bread roll, and Dosa, an Indian pancake made with fermented batter. Learn about the local food culture and traditions as you explore the Fort area, right before you stop by a British-era restaurant for the Berry Pulao, rice pilaf with a refreshing combination of sweet and sour berries! Cap off the food tour with a visit to an 80-year old dessert shop to satisfy your sweet tooth, right before the tour ends at Churchgate.
US$ 33.65
US$ 24.20
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South Mumbai Walking Tour

5.0 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
This look into South Mumbai begins with a meet up with your guide at the Gateway of India, the most famous landmark of the city, so you can admire its dazzling structure. Then you'll walk down the streets to explore generations of old Arab perfume stores, with the fragrance wafting into the streets. You'll also see the heritage hotel, where so many backpackers looking to discover India congregate. You'll learn more about the diversity of religion in the city with a visit to some of the oldest churches, and afterwards you can have a snack at the city's finest seekh kebab stall ( an optional trip at your own expense). You can then set eyes on the Bombay Yacht Club, where the upper echelons of culture visit and mingle in its bar, restaurant, and sailing facilities. See the Regal Cinema, the first air conditioned theater in India, and learn more about history of the arts in the city through the National Gallery of Modern art and the Delhi Art Gallery. In the David Sassoon library, which is also a Jewish synagogue, you'll learn not just about Jewish culture in the city but also admire the design of the architecture. Head off to the engaged commercial area of the city when you see the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Reserve Bank of India and the Oriental Buildings. Your tour goes towards the engaged and bustling areas of Horniman Circle, the local Town Hall, up to the facade of the St. Thomas Cathedral, and then the Central Telegraph Office. The Western Railway Headquarters will be your penultimate stop before the tour concludes at the beautiful views of Marine Drive.
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Mumbai Night Walking Tour

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
Big cities seem to turn a little bit more magical at night and this night tour of Mumbai lets you see how this city changes. After meeting your guide, you first head to the Victoria Terminus (also called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) to admire it being illuminated in lights. You'll head past the Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika, otherwise known as as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corportation, to see this heritage building's dazzling architecture aglow in lights. Next is the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, with its grand roofs and arches, that shine at night. This is followed by a trip to the Press Club, located in what is called “Glass House”. Then it's to the sprawling grounds of one of the most famous and highly-regarded colleges in Mumbai, St. Xavier's College, with all its lights to guide the way. You'll also see Bombay Hospital, and Vasudev Balwant Phadke Road. Down this road is a splendid lane with a dazzling array of lights you can behold, as it's a famous thoroughfare in the city. Not too far is the Liberty Cinema, with its multitude of lights beckoning patrons to come in, before you head to the crown jewel, so to speak: the Queen's Necklace at Marine Drive, where lights, city and surf come together in a splendid view. Your tour ends with a wonderful view of the Wankhede Stadium.
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Mumbai Bazaar Walking Tour

4.8 6 reviews | 100+ Booked
Mumbai is full of color, sound, and vibrance—so much that the only way to really absorb it all is to go on foot and experience its bustling streets! This walking tour of Mumbai's bazaars will take you to some of its most famous street markets where you'll see an endless variety of items. From your meet up with the guide outside Regal Cinema, you'll head by public transport to Mangaldas market and you'll walk through it. Mangaldas is famous for its cloth and textiles, and you'll see a truly dazzling variety of fabrics; the same variation that have made India's clothing so famously colorful compared to everywhere else in the world. Then you will head to Zaveri Bazaar where a marvelous, glittering sight awaits you. As the largest jewelry market in Mumbai, you'll see sparkling trinkets, jewelry, glittering gold and sparkling stones. The it's to Phool Halli, otherwise known as the flower street, where the lanes are alive with the blooms of thousands of blossoms. Your next stop is at Mumbadevi Temple where you'll learn more about the city, as this temple is where the city got its name from. Then you will get to visit Panjra Pole, one of the local animal shelters to learn how Mumbai handles its animal population, and finally understand why cows are so sacred to the locals! Your last visit is at Crawford Market, a market that has stood since the British era in Mumbai, where you'll see fruits, vegetables, spices and even necessities! This journey won't just let you live a shopper's dream, but you'll also learn more about this vibrant city.
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US$ 8.89
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Set forth to a spiritual journey to the capital of Maharashtra - the city of Mumbai. Discover a new side of the city beyond the glitz and glam of its Bollywood film industry as you walk through its historic temples and religious sites. Before embarking on an adventure to Mumbai’s most iconic temples, you will visit the best photo opportunity sites around town to strike your modelesque poses. After that, prepare to elevate your spirituality inside the ancient temple of Mahalakshmi, a temple dedicated in honor of the goddess of wealth and be in awe of its intricate architecture and vibrant embellishments. Head over to 2 of Lord Shiva’s temples, Shidheswar and Trimbkeshwar Mahadev, and witness how the 2 locations depict their reverence for the third powerful god of the Hindu triumvirate. Next, make your way to Shree Swami Narayan, Lord Hanuman, and Shani temple and discover Mumbai’s devotion and admiration of their Hindu gods and deities. Take a stroll around Warden road, the city’s upscale area and have time to let the sacred atmosphere sink into your core. Lastly, you will get to stop over the Kinara Masjid shrine and the spectacular Haji Ali Dargah located in a small islet from the city’s shoreline before capping off your divinity tour in Mumbai.
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When in India, the one thing you shouldn't miss going to when it comes to experiencing local culture and local color is a visit to the famous bazaars. Indian bazaars, especially ones as large as the Chor Bazaar, is full of incredible sights and color along with the multitude of wares being sold. Your tour exploring this bazaar begins with a meet up with your guide, and your walk will take you to the Antique Market section of the bazaar. In this incredible marketplace, you'll see tables and stalls full of antique Indian furnishings. You'll hear merchants and buyers haggling away over the items, and you might even learn a thing or two about how it's done. From here, you'll head to the nearby Bohri Mosque, where you can gain some knowledge about this particular sect of Islamic culture. And then you'll visit the Crawford Market, which is considered one of the most important on all of Mumbai. In this market, you'll see fresh produce (from fruits and vegetables to spices) and poultry being sold in huge piles. Live birds, cats and dogs are also sold in this market at its pet store area. Your last market stop is at the Null Bazaar, which specializes in jewelry. Walk through the lanes lined with stalls and shops selling gold and silver, along with ropes of pearls and gems. You will cap off the experience with some tea, snacks and kebabs at a famous local hangout spot, and maybe chat over your own purchases in the markets.
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What people are saying about Walking Tours in Mumbai

Suk Yee Published 648 days ago
What a great experience!! The tour guide is a super caring person, he gave us plenty of time to take pictures and he is very knowledgeable that we have learnt about the history and the lifestyle of Mumbai. The driver has picked up us from hotel on time, comfortable car for 5 persons. Would highly recommend, definitely worth to try!! It’s very safe, great experience to take bus and train in Mumbai.
Morgan Published 850 days ago
I can’t recommend this tour enough. Our tour guide wasn’t great and very Informative. It was a real opportunity to get a glimpse into the hardships of life in Dharavi as well as the many way people band together to overcome adversity. After this tour I get like I had a greater understanding of Mumbai as a whole
Frank Published 995 days ago
First of all, we were late due to taxitroubles and a sick child but our guide, Ganesh, was very understanding. We were guided around in various parts of the area in a comfortable pace. At various points we got good information with facts and history and was always given room to ask questions. Dharavi is a huge area and still we got see 3 key areas of the slum. If you're in Mumbai you need to do this tour. Thanks Ganesh
Sean Published 1022 days ago
Quite simply an outstanding tour - and full credit to our guide Ganesh who conducted the tour with due respect for the local community. He was informative and engaging, presenting some thought provoking insights into many dimensions of the social, economic and political situation. Thoroughly recommended tour for those trying to understand Mumbai at ‘street’ level.
John Brian Published 1049 days ago
Had the most amazing, eye-opening experience at Dharavi Slum. My guide Dinesh was knowledgeable and spoke very well. He explained to me in detail the inner workings of the slum from a local's perspective, so you come away from the experience with perhaps a different viewpoint from what you had coming in. Highly recommended tour and a must-do in Mumbai in my opinion.
Jonathan Published 845 days ago
Excellent tour! Our tour guide was great and gave myself and my family a real insight into the daily lives of the people working and living in Mumbia. He was very knowledgable and made us feel very welcome showing us many sights including the Gateway of India, Local flower market, Dhobi Ghat and many more. A real must do, if you have some time to spend in Mumbia.

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