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What people are saying about Night Tours in Seoul

Michelle Ann Published 347 days ago
My boyfriend and I hopped on a 6:30 PM cruise so we could see Seoul lit up at night. It was a beautiful experience. I wish it could've been longer! The staff were very accommodating, offering us blankets and soft drinks. They played music during the trip, which was a nice touch. There were lots of couples and families on our boat. It was a lovely time, and we'll definitely be going again!
Muhammad Arif Zaki Bin Md Nor Published 418 days ago
The staff, the yacht, the view, the music everything is perfect. The staff very friendly, help us take a picture, make sure that we got a drink, offer us to choose our music if wanted. The yacht is well maintain. Thank you for the 1+1 event. This experience worth every penny. I would definitely go again. If anyone come to Seoul, this experience is very recommended.
HEEMANG Published 116 days ago
It was recommended as the best value for money experience, so I went with my friends and it was much more enjoyable than we expected! It was a little cloudy, but it was nice because it didn't rain, and I think it would be even better if I go when the day is good. All the staff, including the captain (?), were very kind, and at first I was scared of the free drink service, so I couldn't go to the front, but everyone was courageous to guide me so I could sit in the front chair! It was nice to fill the boarding time for an hour, and it was regrettable that I couldn't travel abroad because I was in Kosi, but I was able to have a special experience as if I had been traveling abroad! I am willing to go on another ride, and I recommend it!
YEJI Published 136 days ago
I bought it as an early bird and used it well for 15,000 won per person! I made a reservation as a surprise because it was an anniversary, and both I and my boyfriend were very satisfied! I also thought how pretty the yacht on the Han River would be, but the night view at 8 pm was really amazing. I will never forget! The yacht has a variety of seats and is luxurious! It looked like new! Compared to the size, the number of people on board was small, so I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures or talking with each other! There is also a seat made of net like a trampoline in the front, so it's good for direct air 😆 It can still be a little cold. While drinking a welcome drink at a time and watching the night view, it feels like a real healing 👍 The staff are also very friendly! I was driven by a young woman captain, and he took a picture with a light! You take a really good picture and you're so cool when you drive..ㅎㅎ I had a good time riding a rainbow boat!
JOONHEE Published 145 days ago
I don't think there are many places in the suburbs of Seoul where you can see clearly. The first place that comes to mind is actually the Han River. However, there are too many people in Yeouido Park, so I would recommend this place when you are worried about going during the coronavirus period. There are relatively few crowds near Sebitseom compared to Yeouido Hangang Park, but there are many beautiful bridges, so the night view seems to be more beautiful. If you experience such a wonderful scenery with less than 11 passengers on a luxurious spacious yacht, lying in a hammock and enjoying 360 degrees in the middle of the Han River, you will be able to experience a special heart-breaking experience. Listening to the wonderful songs playing, drinking welcome drinks, and watching the sparkling night view with the cool breeze, the moment when we were together with the group but each was silently immersed in thoughts was so beautiful. It was the safest and most beautiful memory of recent memories.