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What people are saying about Island Tours in Seoul

Thi Published 45 days ago
I'm so glad I booked this tour. I really recommend this tour for everyone who's in Korea without a car. All of these locations (I booked all 4 locations) are very far from Seoul and in the mountains so booking a taxi from destination to destination is impossible (my friends were stuck in petite france for over an hour because there were no taxis available). My tour guide was Tim and he was super kind and patient with us! The whole process was very simple and we loved all the personal time we had for ourselves. He picks us up, drop us off at the locations, gave us and hour or two to explore everything, picked us up again to go to another location. We started from 7:20am to 7:40pm and it wasn't tiring at all because Tim gave us so much tome to rest in the car. He was super lenient with the time too, he'd give us extra time if we wanted to explore longer. For this tour, you really don't have to care about anything when you're on this tour because everything is ready for you, you just have to go. All the places are super gorgeous, the sightseeing, if you love nature I really recommend.
Sarah Published 208 days ago
Wonderful daytrip from Seoul. We did this on our last day in Korea, so it was really rushed affair. The good thing about this tour was that such places are hard to get to, so taking a tour bus there makes it way more convenient and we could get some rest and not worry about not finding our way there. The food provided on the trip was good. Chicken Galbi 🐔 I love the little prince, so you could imagine how happy I was to visit Petite France. It was my first visit there..As for Nami Island, many nice photo spots esp in Dec, with the Christmas decorations. Simply beautiful!
Kimmy Laine Published 286 days ago
The tour was very comprehensive. We were able to go to a different place around Seoul according to the given itinerary. The pickup time was on time. The travel was smooth and comfortable. We were has given enough time to roam around and enjoy our walks. Overall all it was a very nice experience. The time going back to the city was also great.
bernadette Published 475 days ago
a month ago Very cool place to visit. Its small island outside of Seoul. It has lot of nature walk path, and also has petting zoo to feed bunnies and also see other animals such deers and sheep. They have good places to eat also. This is great place for families to go visit, and also good for couples. Thank you Klook
Syamil Mirzan Published 573 days ago
Glad to make new acquaintances during the tour! Although the bus came in late but the overall experience during the tour was awesome! The tour guide, Lin, is really friendly and helpful! She accounted for everyone's needs and provided us alot of information from attractions to food! Thank you for making our trip so memorable, hope to visit Seoul again someday!
Keyna Published 586 days ago
I got this whole package because it is my 1st time In Seoul, and this is definitely worth it! Lanson, our tour guide is really good. He gives recommendations and he gives instructions, and this is very helpful for first timers in Korea. 👌🏻👍🏻 thank you Lanson and our driver! We wanted to skip Petite france, but if you love k dramas, dont skip this! if you want to have more time in Nami, you may skip this part! Some of the tourists in our bus, skipped petite france and they go straight to Nami. Which they gave them more advantage to enjoy Nami. Lunch is superb! We all loved it! ❤️ a korean tour deserves a korean dish!

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