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Embark on this tour around Okinawa's most popular islands, Iriomote, Yubu, and Taketomi! Go island hopping, ride boats, go sightseeing in buffalo carts, taste traditional Okinawan cuisine, enjoy lush botanical gardens, and more! Your tour begins when you depart from your chosen meet up location on Ishigaki Island. From Ishigaki Port Terminal, you'll be taking a boat to Ohara Port on Iriomate Island. Enjoy the views of the waters when you go on a boat tour around this island while enjoying the scenic sights of Nakagawa River's Red Forest. Take a bus to the buffalo car and ride this one-of-a-kind experience of being pulled by a buffalo to Yubu Island. It is here where the Yubu Botanical Gardens are, a lush destination filled with beautiful greeneries. Enjoy a lunch as well of top quality Okinawan cuisine as you enjoy the natural ambiance around you. You'll be riding a bus back to the Ohara Port and embark on another boat to Taketomi Island this time. More buffalo car rides await you for even more sightseeing, and you can also walk around the Taketomi old street and listen to music of three-string chords. Take in the area before returning to Ishigaki Port, where you'll be taken back to your selected location. If you can't get enough fo the tour, you can choose to stay on Taketomi and explore and return to Ishigaki by yourself.
US$ 145.00
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Skip Japan's cities and the mountains with this outdoor adventure to Sangara Falls and Barasu Island! Join a kayaking and hiking trip through thick mangrove forests, followed by a snorkeling experience in the vast blue sea. Start the tour with a ride to Ishigaki Port, where your ferry to Iriomote Island is docked. Climb aboard and get to the kayaking center after a transfer at Uehara Port. Upon arrival, attend the rules and safety lecture and listen well because in a matter of minutes, you'll be strapped on the next kayak available. Pass by lush trees of mangroves as you sail across Nishida River and bask in the serenity of Iriomote Island's nature. Walk to Sangara Falls for another 30 minutes and enjoy a sumptuous picnic-style lunch once there. Head back to the base and suit up for your snorkeling experience in Barasu Island. Arrive at the island shortly and marvel at the coral crisps that make up its surface. Spend the next 45-60 minutes lounging by the shores or visiting the underwater world. Fun, exciting, and rewarding - three emotions you'll feel throughout your journey and even after!
US$ 159.59
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What most people forget about Japan is that there's more to it than Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Go off the beaten tourist path and choose Sangara Falls on Iriomote Island instead. These majestic waterfalls are a must-see when on the island, but getting there will definitely test your physical limits. Join this guided kayaking and trekking experience for a memorable journey to one of Japan's most frequented natural attraction. Book your flight to Ishigaki and make your way to the port, where your Iriomote ferry awaits. Sail past the blue seas and travel to Uehara Port, and from there you'll be transferred to the kayaking center. Once there, listen carefully as your kayaking instructor relays the rules and the safety measures of the tour. Gear up and hop on a kayak when ready, and start the heartstopping trip to Sangara Falls. After 30 minutes, continue the tour by trekking through the thick forest of the island. Spend another 30 minutes walking until you reach your destination. Be amazed by the serene beauty of Sangara Waterfalls and relax by its shores while enjoying your picnic lunch. Head back to the center to shower and end the tour with a ferry ride back to Ishagaki Port.
US$ 133.15
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What people are saying about River Tours in Ishigaki Island & Yaeyama Islands

Yan Ting Published 496 days ago
Everything was great except I have problem trying to identify who to look for at the Ishigaki port terminal. thank godness the people are very friendly and managed to get the correct tour agency on time. Klook please kindly state the agency to report to for those like me who goes to the terminal direct. The tour has no tour guide that follows you from start to the end. However there are point guides that will take care of you. Its fun to visit all these 3 islands. The itinerary is very pack but sufficient time to explore. This trip is also kids friendly. Totally worth.
Keith Beng Hwee Published 543 days ago
This is an awesome way to explore the island - you get to try the different modes of transport, buffalo cart, bicycles, ferry, bus and boat near the mangroves. You can also see the corals in the glass bottom boat. Get to feed the buffaloes and you get to see many other animals like goat, eagles and ducks on the islands. 5 stars are not enough. Highly recommended.
CHI WO Published 546 days ago
There is a staff reception at each point, they will have your name in hand and should not lose it, especially the staff of Taketomi Island on the last itinerary holds your name more than one foot long! Because there are no good parts in the mangroves It ’s a buffalo ride back and forth to Yufu Island. The water depth is only a few inches, and it seems that the tide is rising, but the tropical gardens on the island are not too many. In fact, I do n’t have too much lunch. I admire it very delicious! I was overjoyed when I got off the boat because a staff member was holding you to explain the time and location of the glass boat in English! The glass boat was parked on a few coral reefs. It was very close but one or two feet and many fish were swimming around! The driver was very Professional and conscientious, and the technology is very good. Although there are only four guests, the boat can be fixed on the coral reef! After taking the glass boat, the male staff will pick you up to take the buffalo! In summary, it is very exciting, but the time is very accurate Don't be late, it is very troublesome to miss the boat!

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