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Te Puia Day Pass

4.7 179 reviews | 2K+ Booked
US$ 36.09
Book now for 23 Sep 2021

Skyline Gondola and Luge Ticket in Rotorua

4.6 126 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 40.15
Book now for 22 Sep 2021

Polynesian Spa Hot Pools in Rotorua

4.5 88 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 14.79
Book now for 22 Sep 2021
US$ 15.49
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US$ 38.75
Book now for 23 Sep 2021

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Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
Edmond Published 270 days ago
This was the highlight of our trip to Rotorua, can't recommend it enough! Our guide was fantastic, super knowledgeable and friendly which made the experience really enjoyable! There was so much to see and we also got to see a kiwi that came right up to the glass and the geyser was really impressive. Then at the end we were able to share some delicious steam pudding with the grou. Thanks klook!
Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
Margaret Published 631 days ago
The huka performance far exceeded my expectations. Truly enjoyed every 45 minute of the performance. The other highlight was the Pohutu Geyser, which is the largest in the southern hemisphere. It erupted frequently, sometimes reaching 20m or more. Then there was the kiwi house - we enjoyed observing the kiwi bird foraging for food and grooming itself. The free guided walk, during which we learnt more about the Moari people, was a bonus!
Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
ISMASURYATI Published 637 days ago
Very easy to change for the ticket. It was raining so we were seated in their hall for the cultural show at 10.15am. It was a good performance. then they have guided tour after the show. We didn't wait for guided tour coz we were in a hurry to go to pohutu greyser for the eruptions. Then we went to see kiwi bird, maori old village n schools of arts & craft. such a big place to walk around. Make sure u finished all n if u need to use the bathroom use it first before entering the souvenirs shop coz it is the exit
Yilin Clare Published 668 days ago
A great activity, the price was cheaper on klook after comparing online/directly and with coupons. Even though I booked the wrong dates and the date went pass, with klook unable to do anything as the ticket was offer by a 3rd party travel agent, we were lucky the 3rd party travel agent was very understanding and I felt the 5 star belongs to the 3rd party agent rather than klook who just say they can’t do anything. Come I clap for u 👏🏻. Thank god everything was saved by the other agent.
Kok Kee Published 673 days ago
Klook booking made things easier for me. I went straight to the counter to claim my ticket to get access to the gondola ride. I was lucky to have the whole gondola by myself. I enjoyed 360 degree view in my gondola ride. There was no time limit to stay on the hill. It was a paradise for those who like challenging activities. However, they are not suitable for people having spine or back problems. I enjoyed the scenic view looking from the hill. However, transportation was an issue. Going there and leaving the place was difficult as it was located out of the central area. The only way was by taxi. I was lucky enough to hop on and off a small tour group van that was free.
Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
Christopher Published 680 days ago
As well as the geothermal park, with the boiling mud pools and the geysers, there's a new kiwi enclosure where they have some real, live kiwis, that you can see it their natural habitat! The Māori cultural performance was also great. We only had a couple of hours here, but could have spent so much longer. A brilliant experience!