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Review for: Sentosa FUN Pass
Shi Yuan
Published 291 days ago
Before buying, calculate the total amount of tokens for how many rides you want to play. After arriving at the counter, change the paper ticket, and then play the facility, the other party will scan the barcode on the paper. The wax museum is very exciting, experience Singaporean culture, and there are small beaches on the island, very leisurely! Falling body and fishing must be played! There is no yo in Taiwan, it is worth a try!
Published 288 days ago
It’s beautiful, it’s recommended to come up in the evening, otherwise it’s really hot in the daytime, there is no shelter above ~ and there are no seats (except for the drink area to be paid) but there are few seats, so you will see many people sitting on the floor Spectacle on the whole~ On the whole, you should be able to enjoy the night view of Singapore at night~ You can come and see
Review for: Skyline Luge
Published 269 days ago
The first time I came to Singapore to experience the ramp in Sentosa. It was very fun. We experienced two rounds. There were a total of 4 different routes. The one with the longest mileage for the first time was very exciting and fun. It was almost before the end. There will be a camera to take pictures for you, and we all bought photos later as a souvenir😆
Published 147 days ago
A very special event. At first, we drove on the road and then drove directly into the water to enjoy the beauty of Singapore. However, we ran the wrong duck boat at the beginning, and then we had time to board the boat when we arrived at the correct store, but the store family was very nice. Let us wait for the next boat,
Published 73 days ago
Singapore's free travel guide itinerary, to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore's Marina Bay. The Gardens by the Bay was completed in 2012 and covers an area of 101 hectares, all built on reclaimed land, adjacent to the coastal reservoir. The original idea for the construction of Gardens by the Bay began in 2006. It is expected to promote Singapore’s evolution from a garden city to a “city in a garden”.
Review for: Singapore Zoo Ticket
Published 25 days ago
The zoo in Singapore is very big, so my mother took us to take a small train to take a tour around the zoo. Then we went for lunch. After lunch, we went to see the animals. We saw monkeys, elephants, penguins, giraffes, kangaroos, lions, tigers, hippos... and many other animals. We also took a lot of photos with them. Singapore Zoo is really fun.

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