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Published 32 days ago
A perfect trip. It is the first time to leave the country in more than a year. There are many items worth playing on the cruise. First of all, two shows, one magic and one faith, are all wonderful. The magician also interacted with his son, which made him very happy. Faith's starring in a series of difficult moves is simply amazing. The swimming pool on the boat is best to book on the 16th floor as soon as you board the boat. The main swimming pool is relatively small, but the water slide makes my son enjoy it. I watched him climb up and slide down for an hour. The slide is more relaxed than the water park, not as exciting, and it is really fun with the sea view. Mini golf is a bit dry. For other rock climbing, you must remember to bring sneakers before you can go. In fact, the three free restaurants on the ship have been renovated, especially the food standard of the Chinese restaurant is already very high. Basically, the three of us are in a state of fullness at all times. The duty-free shop found the ultra-cheap Skii suit, which was less than 30% off. It expired after two months, but it could still be used for one year after opening the bottle, so I bought it and used it immediately. Generally speaking, when I go to the cruise ship, there are few people, good scenery, cheap price, and it's definitely good value for money.

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