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Mirissa is a small town on Sri Lanka’s south coast. Known as the main beach destination, the area has it all. Some of the fun things to do in Mirissa include swimming, surfing, whale watching, and trying Sri Lankan food. Know exactly what to do in Mirissa, whether you’re traveling solo or with companions, with these famous spots.

Mirissa Beach

Picture yourself relaxing on a hammock with a coconut in your hand and the sea breeze touching your face - that’s Mirissa Beach in a nutshell. Apart from the laid back atmosphere, you’ll also enjoy the shacks made simply of bamboo and palm frond. At night, each table has a lantern and every palm tree its fairy lights. Try the fresh seafood during a sunset dinner and at night, enjoy some cocktails. If you’re into the relaxing beach vibe, surfing, and beers, you’ll like this side of Mirissa.
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Coconut Tree Hill

A landscape like no other, Coconut Tree Hill (also called Palm Tree Grove) is a small palm tree forest set on a high reddish cliff, which overlooks the majestic waters of the Indian Ocean. Its unique beauty has made it Instagram famous and has made it one of the must-visit destinations in Sri Lanka. From Mirissa Beach, it will only take you 10 to 15 minutes on foot to the hill. You can access it from morning to evening at no cost.
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Secret Beach Mirissa

Secret Beach is just around the corner from the main beach. Despite its name, it’s not-so-secret anymore as many people now know about it. At one point it was enjoyed only by the locals before tourists discovered it. You may not have the place completely to yourself, but it’s still relatively more peaceful compared to the main beach. The best things about it is that entrance is free and down the sand is a beach bar where you can enjoy cocktails while watching the sun go down.
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Parrot Rock Bridge

A great spot located on the left side of Mirissa Beach, Parrot Rock Bridge is a small rock where you can climb up to see a bit of the Mirissa area. You will need to walk a bit through the water and with the high tide and wild waters, it may be difficult to go here. The best thing to do is to come early in the morning to enjoy the low tides and the refreshing sea breeze, or in the evening to enjoy the breathtaking sunset.
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