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Published 355 days ago
After the purchase, an electronic ticket and fast pass will be sent via email, which is very convenient to use! But be careful: there will be several available pass items on the express pass with the stipulated use time. If the express pass is not used at the stipulated time, it is necessary to plan the play route. The Harry Potter Park is the most popular park in Universal Studios. It is necessary to organize the circle to enter the Harry Potter Park when there are a lot of people in the peak season, but not during the off-season. The methods to obtain the finishing coupons are: ①Buy 4 or 7 fast passes; ②Go to the central garden of the park to grab them at a fixed time. According to the projects I have played, I recommend these: Harry Potter’s Forbidden Journey (4D), Flying Pterodactyl (Roller Coaster), Minions Ride (3D), Eagle Horse Flight (Roller Coaster) ), Great White Shark (boat trip)
Published 228 days ago
Take out your mobile phone directly and let the counter service staff swipe the voucher, which is fast and convenient! This Sora Niwa Hot Spring is relatively new in Osaka (compared to Spa World). The environment and equipment inside are great! The counter staff are also very kind! I went to play during the 2020 Chinese New Year. After they saw that I was holding a Taiwan passport, they immediately gave me a small card with Happy New Year written on it! How can XD be so caring? ! After the epidemic is over, I will definitely use KLOOK to book tickets to play again!
Tzu Ching
Published 152 days ago
Fast customs clearance is really bad! ! ! But even if there is a quick clearance, it is recommended to line up early, otherwise there will be a lot of people at the intersection of the quick clearance 😂 We will play Harry Potter as soon as we enter, and wait for the talents to come out of the ordinary intersection. It is cool to not have to queue at all! ! !
Published 125 days ago
Worth visiting attractions, the observatory is beautiful at night, and there are fluorescent light projections, but it is not cold when the wind is strong, and you can also watch the night view indoors. The space is large and not crowded, but there are not many places to rest, just take a look and take pictures.

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