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Why people love Taichung

Published 270 days ago
Convenient to save money. After purchasing online, you can display the QR code for the conductor to scan, without even getting off the bus. Daxueshan is worth a visit, the scenery is super beautiful, but if you are afraid of noise, it is recommended not to stay at the Daxueshan Hotel, you will hear the sound of a washing machine running all night.
Published 129 days ago
The equipment for running karts is very good. Before we go, we will watch a video to familiarize ourselves with the place where we will be driving. The explanation is very clear. Before we start, we must put the valuables in the locker. , You can go and dress up. The staff is very nice. Headgear and safety helmet will be provided on site, so you can go to go kart and start playing~ I will go to play again next time.
Yu Hsuan
Published 123 days ago
It's really a great experience. We are all riding the Taichung Lihpao Ferris Wheel for the first time, enjoying the highest position of the Ferris wheel, and having a bird's eye view of the entire Houli area of Taichung, which is great! Recommend to friends from afar, this trip is definitely worth it. Great and thanks ^_^
yu ling
Published 120 days ago
The park is well maintained, but the parking grid plan is a little bit less. There are no seats around the first and second parking lots. The third parking lot is very far away. It takes a long time to reach the mountain climbing entrance. In the end, parking is only possible on the side of the road. There is a Jinghai Temple at the entrance of the mountain, which gives people a very peaceful feeling. Unfortunately, there is not much water in the stream and the river bed does not look so magnificent. Overall, it is great and suitable for relaxing outings. There are a lot of hornets and mosquitoes in the park. It is recommended that people who come here be careful about hornets and spray mosquito repellent.

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