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Hualien Transport & Travel Services 2021

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Why people love Hualien

Wei Han
Published 246 days ago
Chike Mountain is beautiful and easy to shoot. It takes five hours to go back and forth from the city, and the budget of 8 hours is not enough to go to other attractions. The fried golden needles in Lin's Garden are pretty good. The driver, Ms. Huang, has a nice person, good driving skills, and a caring parking place.
Published 91 days ago
The driver, Mr. Gao, picked us up at the hotel early and discussed the attractions with us. Finally, we went to Keishuin, Emerald Valley, Liyutan, Lichuan Fish Farm, Yunshanshui, Mr. Sam’s Cafe, and Lintianshan Park. The family had a great time. , Even children like Hualien. Because the companions have elders, the driver drove extremely smoothly, allowing us to have fun and peace of mind.
Published 84 days ago
Mr. Huang, who helped us drive the car, was very enthusiastic. Although we booked for 4 seats, the driver used 7-9 seats to drive us for two consecutive days. It was very comfortable to sit up and introduced us a lot of Hualien’s history along the way. 、Recommended attractions, it is really an unforgettable experience!
Published 48 days ago
The boss is kind and dedicated, the service is good, the car is in good condition, and the ride to Bulow Bay smoothly. This time I encountered the maintenance of the 8th line of Taiwan. I realized that it would take about an hour to pass, so I rode the opportunity to drive in the opposite direction to see the scenery and estimate the passable time before heading to the predetermined scenic spot. It is really convenient.
Published 36 days ago
Tomb-sweeping Festival is off, obviously driving two cars to Hualien, but you must charter a car. Do you know what it is for? Because we are going to meet Hualien’s most dedicated driver, Huang Wenyi, because we are worried about traffic jams, get up at 4:30 in the morning, go out at 5 am, and go from Taipei to Hualien less than 8 am, Su Hua’s reform is really great 👍, and The chartered Big Brother Huang meets and heads to Taroko. The two families don’t need to drive by themselves, have a guided tour, and don’t need to find a parking space. It feels like going abroad for a vacation. Super invincible recommend chartering Taroko! Humorous and funny Brother Huang, knowing our needs, took us to Hualien's shortest stream-WC at the first stop, breaking the ice instantly, and the whole car laughing. I didn't make an appointment to ~ Shanyue Suspension Bridge, a new attraction that opened in August last year. Brother Huang also has a way to feast our eyes. ~ Baiyang Waterfall (the leaky cave 😂😂) 4.2 kilometers back and forth, about more than two hours walk, it is worth a visit! Jiuqudong, Qingshui Cliff, every place is very good to take pictures The beautiful photos were taken very funny 😂😂😂 A new experience of riding an ATV, the children also had a great time 😁😁😁 Visiting Dongdaemun Night Market at night~Today, the amount of exercise is very large, and it will break through 20,000 steps. It really depends on everyone to work hard. Sightseeing in Huadong allows young students to stay in their hometowns and no longer have to drift north.
yi hsiao
Published 24 days ago
When you walk out of Hualien Station, you will see the store on the left hand side. The day before, there will be a text message to remind you to bring your ID card and driver’s license. You can fill it up. It saves the need to refuel yourself immediately when renting a car, and you don’t know how much fuel you need to refuel. A clean helmet liner is provided.

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