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Coorg, or Kodagu, has it all -- cool mountain ranges, lush jungles, rich soil perfect for prized exports like coffee, and a warm hospitable community. One look at its evergreen landscape and it makes sense why this rural town is nicknamed the “Scotland of India”. The bread and butter of Coorg lies in its unique mix of agriculture and leisure, a tourism strategy that involves its proud farmers in the welcoming of tourists. Here, scenic hikes in spice plantations and coffee-tasting experiences include the company of locals who proudly educate visitors about the history and culture of their birthplace. Check out this travel guide for ideas on the best things to do in Coorg.

Abbey Falls Madkeri Falls

Abbey Falls Madkeri Falls is one of the most popular natural attractions in Coorg. The waterfall is overlooked by a hanging bridge, which grants visitors an unprecedented view of the surrounding landscape. It flows from the overhead mountains in the area and ends in the River Kaveri. The path from the main entrance to the waterfalls will take you through paddy fields and rock formations. Fortunately, picture-taking is allowed since bathing in the falls is prohibited for the time being.
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Raja's Seat

With its sweeping views of the surrounding mountain ranges and cool temperature, it’s no wonder why Kodagu’s royalty chose Raja’s seat as their resting place. This hill station’s viewing deck overlooks the entirety of Coorg, which sometimes becomes covered in a sea of clouds during the cold months. Sunset or sunrise viewing is a popular activity, along with the musical fountain shows in the flower garden. Kids can enjoy the toy train that runs around the elevated compound.
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Iruppu Waterfalls, Brahmagiri

Legends say that the cold waters of Irrupu Waterfalls, Brahmagiri can clean the sins of man. Thousands of devotees visit for this very reason after offering their prayers at the nearby Shiva temple on the festival of Navaratri. Perched on a mountain slope in the Brahmagiri Mountain Range surrounded by magnificent greenery, Irrupu Falls’ stream is a magnificent sight to behold especially during monsoons. Go on a cycling tour around the area and discover a path in the jungles that lead to the province’s coffee plantations.
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The rugged mountain range of Brahmagiri is the perfect place for adventurous trekking. Its walking path leads visitors deep into Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, where forests, plantations, grasslands, rivers, and other natural wonders await. Popular landmarks en route are the holy Irrupu Falls, the Thirunnelai Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and the Pakshipathalam trek which leads to a legendary cave known to house ‘rishis’ or enlighted people. The peak is filled with trees and rich in wildlife, so be prepared to meet birds, bears, elephants, deers and other exotic creatures along the way.
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