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Surrounded by limestone mountains and caves, Vang Vieng is a colorful town along the Nam Song River in the Vientiane Province, about four hours by bus from the capital of Laos. In recent years, Vang Vieng has pivoted to adventure tourism, departing from its reputation as a party town on the Laos backpacker circuit. This rural town boasts of endless pastoral fields, centuries-old monasteries, unique rock formations, mysterious caves like the Tham Poukham and Tham Nam, and the so-called Blue Lagoons.

Blue Lagoon and Phu Kham Cave

Seven kilometers west of Vang Vieng lies a sacred cave that contains a bronze statue of a reclining Buddha and a lagoon with crystal clear, turquoise waters. The entrance to Phu Kham cave is reached through a hiking trail that climbs up 200 meters to a limestone cliff . The cave leads to a labyrinth of chambers and galleries ripe for exploration. The Tham Phu Kham cave and its famous Blue Lagoon can be found near the village of Ban Na Thong and is accessible by tuk tuk or bicycle.
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Tham Chang

Tham Chang is one of the most elegant caves in Vang Vieng and one of the most visited attractions in town. Located in Meuang Xong Village, the cave is fairly close to the town center and entails a 30-minute climb up the Vang Vieng mountains. From the entrance, there is a small pool with warm water that visitors can dip into before proceeding to explore the different pathways and chambers filled with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. Tham Chang cave served as a bunker during various conflict periods in Laos history.
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Wat That

Wat That is the most maintained temple is Vang Vieng and is relatively larger than the other major Buddhist temple in town, Wat Kang. The main prayer hall is the most ornate out of all the buildings in the complex and is frequented by the temple’s resident monks. Wat That has a chedi, just like other Buddhist temples, and a smiling seated Buddha enshrined in a green-colored pavilion. The temple is less than a two-kilometer walk from Vang Vieng Southern Bus Terminal.
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Wat Kang

Wat Kang is one of two Buddhist temples in the heart of Vang Vieng. The ordination hall is the main building in the complex and is decorated with paintings, with four small Buddha statues and a chedi in front. It is a perfect example of how Laos temples in small towns usually look like if it’s founded without royal patronage. Wat Kang has both a seated Buddha and a reclining Buddha resting in individual pavilions. The temple is less than a kilometer walk from Vang Vieng Southern Bus Terminal.
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