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Seated in the capital of Massachusetts is Boston, a historic city known for its role in American Independence. Nowadays, it's a city filled with passion for science, arts, entertainment, and sports. This New England university town holds a lot of its charm in its Victorian-style parks, massive museums and centers for research, solid sports fanbase, and storied pathways that pass by important landmarks. If you’re wondering what to do in Boston, just follow this guide for a complete rundown of the city’s best attractions.

Freedom Trail

Walk down memory lane at Freedom Trail, Boston’s red-brick path that runs through museums, parks, churches, and other historic markers. Learn about the beginnings of the War of Independence from Boston Common, and the events that led to the eventual downfall of the British at Bunker Hill Monument. You can either join a tour group for a more comprehensive historical walk, or you can set off on your own by following the markers laid out in the path.
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Faneuil Hall Marketplace

The charming Faneuil Hall Marketplace is where all the fun happens. Its historic buildings and cobblestone streets might look too much of a tourist trap, but its lively food hall will lure in. Enjoy a classic lobster roll, clam chowder, bread bowl, and so many more Boston favorites in one go. Street performers will keep you entertained, and might probably sell you souvenirs while you’re under their spell. Go window shopping in its many stores and be the quintessential tourist.
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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Nicknamed the MFA, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has up to 500,000 artworks under its care. Exhibitions on Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, M.C. Escher, Frida Kahlo, John Singer Sargent, Sandro Botticelli, Ansel Adams, Monet, and even Winnie the Pooh are open for your viewing pleasure. Its mix of neoclassical and modern architecture creates an even deeper sense of Boston, which is borne out of revolutionary history and modernity.
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Boston Common

Its days as a British campground during the Revolutionary War may be hard to imagine, but the pristine Boston Common has been around since 1634. Nowadays, this massive urban park sees a lot of picnics and fun activities on its grounds. Go on a swan boat ride, catch a shower at the Frog Pond’s giant spray fountain, enjoy people-watching at the public garden, and join local events like Shakespeare on the Commons and Hempfest. Seasonal activities like ice skating are also available.
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