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Why people love Kinmen

Published 170 days ago
Kinmen’s Taiwan Habitat Route connects major scenic spots and takes the form of a group tour. Through the professional explanations of local guides, you can gain in-depth understanding of local humanities and customs. At the same time, you can choose different routes according to your own preferences, which is suitable for longer travel days. If you are short or want to maintain the flexibility of self-guided travel, especially if you find another route for the Wind Lions every Saturday. However, because the route is a small bus, it is recommended to make an appointment or sign up in advance to avoid going to the corner.
Published 36 days ago
Thanks to the service of Mr. Weng from Washington Travel Agency, I went to many scenic spots throughout the day and talked with us about the local life and culture of Kinmen, and gained a lot. The car is very comfortable to sit in, and we also introduced a lot of local and large delicacies. I will definitely ask them for a guided tour next time I come to Kinmen!
Review for: Kinmen Car Rental
Published 26 days ago
This time, the order is Jinmen Tongheng Car Rental. The store is located next to the sugar village near the airport. In addition to car rental, it also provides souvenir sales services. After this experience, the person in charge had a very good attitude. After arriving at the airport, he received a call from him, and took us from the airport to the car rental company to complete the formalities and pick up the car. After returning the car, he would also assist in sending us to the airport. Everything is going well, and the car condition is fine. I am very satisfied.
Published 21 days ago
It is highly recommended to rent a car from Jipin 👍🏻 In addition to the excellent condition of the car, there is also an airport shuttle service. Once the car dealer arrives, the owner will carefully introduce the Golden Gate travel secrets. It really helped us who did not do our homework. The charges are also very fair, the staff Very friendly, next time I go to Kinmen, I will consider renting a car with Jipin

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