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Published 350 days ago
I thought it was a little expensive, but since it was time, safety was the first priority, so I applied for the family. The driver will stop by the screening clinic, wait for him, and take him home. Minimize contact, safety, carry a lot of luggage, and don't let your child hang around. I recommend it. For those considering to travel in Korea, highly recommended. Booked this service for a family traveling with a child and with many bags-the driver will wait for your test at the health center and drop you at quarantine facility or house, so no need to drag with your heavy bags after trip. Furthermore during covid19, safety comes first and you can rely on Cesco, not to mention the driver being super kind and helpful. He even asks to wait and check if any left belongings once they are off the car.
kin victor
Published 271 days ago
First of all, it is highly recommended. The driver arrived on time to pick you up. Maybe because of the early morning time, the journey is only less than 1 hour, which is very good. When booking the ticket, it was like the flight back at 12 o'clock, but then the travel agency notified the airline to change the time and changed the flight back at 6 o'clock in the morning. The airport bus had to go to Seoul Station in the early morning, and the bus was in the early morning. It’s easy to comb, and you have to go back and forth when you go. Originally, it was convenient to get on the bus in Myeongdong, but when the ticket time was changed, the hotel had to add one more night and the book car, which was an extra cost. Fortunately, At that time, I did not know how much money I would like to make a tight booking, so I would get a 10% discount on the book car and even the day tour. Happy.
Published 151 days ago
The driver takes the initiative to contact the pick-up location and time before departure, which is reassuring. There was a bit of delay when entering the customs. The driver waited patiently outside and knew the time of our customs clearance immediately; along the way, he also explained the surrounding construction and the changes in the Han River, and finally safely sent us to the sweating curtain of preparation for check-in.

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