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Why people love Seoul

Published 374 days ago
The security inside is the most funny, super dedicated, and the soul of the show. In addition, this show is in the same building as the Kung Fu show. It is recommended to buy two tickets at the same time and arrange to watch together on the same day. The closing time is very fast and the schedule is arranged. You can see it
Published 341 days ago
There is a security check before entering the venue, the elevator waiting line is a bit long, and there are lights arranged to relieve the boredom of the people. The floors where you can buy tickets are 117-122 floors. There are cafes and many people buy ice cream to eat. The souvenir shop has postcards sent one year later (the cards have stamps) 📮 Next time I will see the night view ❣️
Published 315 days ago
An art performance graffiti that subverts everyone's imagination, using more than 10 art skills to improvise the world's history, music, and drama heroes on stage. A silent drama that uses body language and facial expressions instead of verbal communication, transcending language barriers, can resonate regardless of nationality.
Published 239 days ago
Order online before arriving at the aquarium ticket office on the same day, it is very convenient to buy and use! It’s just that I was asked to see my passport and remember to bring it. The tour route in the museum is well planned, and the water and land animals to watch are also very diverse, which is highly recommended!
Review for: Discover Seoul Pass
Published 193 days ago
For self-guided tourists who want to travel in the city of Seoul, this transfer card is really super convenient. For loyal fans in a small time, I think the SM TOWN museum alone is worth the fare, and there are also some Such as N Seoul Tower, Coex Aquarium, Hangang River Cruise Eland Cruise, Lotte World, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and finally AREX tickets. In short, you must buy one when you come to Seoul, you are guaranteed to like it!!
Published 154 days ago
The facilities are fun and exciting, both indoors and outdoors have their own styles. There are also parades and performances that are fun and cute on the same day. ☺️☺️☺️Very satisfying 👍🏻 It’s just that I went to the South Gate for a long time to exchange tickets on the same day... Maybe I just met a local graduate Traveling ~ a lot of people, the amusement facilities have not been played 😭 but it is still worth recommending! Can play for a day🥳

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