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London Attractions 2021

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Why people love London

Wing yin
Published 270 days ago
Because I don’t know how to drive, it’s more convenient to choose a day trip to connect several suburban attractions. Three attractions are also interesting. Stonehenge is good to take pictures when the weather is good. Windsor Castle is lucky. If you are lucky, you have the opportunity to see the Queen. If you can stay in the bath one more Will be better
Pai Mui
Published 258 days ago
Stonehenge's one-day tour is usually connected with Bath. I have participated in it many years ago. In fact, this time I only want to visit Stonehenge again. The itinerary of this group is very satisfactory. In the morning, we will go to Windsor Castle, which is still the residence of the British royal family. Its appearance is exquisite and magnificent, showing the royal style. In the afternoon, we will go to Stonehenge, the famous prehistoric cultural temple site, one of the most famous landmarks in Britain, attracting countless people every day. Tourists, explore the mystery of this ancient building; finally, visit Oxford University, stroll through the streets of this university city, and feel the academic atmosphere of the world's top universities!
Published 247 days ago
We recommend watching the Harry Potter movie before you go! !! It was a meeting three hours after I arrived, but it was quite large and I was watching it carefully, so I had to spend time buying souvenirs ...! So you may need to allocate time! !! For the time being, even one person is insanely fun! !! What's more, I'm really impressed! !! I was so glad I went! !!

Popular Attractions in London

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