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High Rope Course Adventure in Da Lat

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Sorry, this activity isn't available right now. Try these instead:
  • Discover 7 different activity areas designed with varying levels of difficulty to cater to participants of all ages
  • Soar through the air on an exciting zipline ride through the pine forests of Da Lat
  • Challenge yourself in the different obstacle courses that involve traversing between trees, rappelling, and more
  • Discover the beautiful Datanla Waterfall aboard a thrilling alpine coaster, or choose to walk down to the cool falls

What to expect

If you're a fan of the outdoors and physical activity, this High Rope Course is just for you! Bring your friends or family and enjoy an exciting 2 hour adventure that takes you through and over Da Lat's lush pine trees as you traverse obstacle courses with varying levels of difficulty, perfect for participants of all ages to enjoy. Make your way through the different sections of the course, each preparing you for the more challenging activities that conclude with an exciting 200m long zipline ride and a 15m high jump off a cliff into the basin of the Datanla Waterfall.

rope course
Embark on a exciting outdoor rope course that takes you through different challenges
Be guided by highly trained instructors as you make your way around
practice course
Test your skills in the practice areas before you move on to the more difficult sections
Towards the end of the course, you'll get a taste of the 200m long zipline over the pine forests

Things to note

  • Please arrive 30 minutes early than expected. You will be informed of safety rules and equipped with protective gear before starting your journey. Listening carefully to have a fun and safe experience
  • Don't be afraid! This activity is suitable even for those who have no experience or physical exercise. There are many levels to suit your fitness
  • Young children will have a separate play area and be monitored by the coach
  • Attended the activity previously? You may skip to the desired level after finishing training session and Green round

What to wear

  • Please wear comfortable or sports attire with covered shoes, and keep your long hair tied up
  • Bring your toiletries and clothes to change in. There are available bathrooms to freshen up in after the activity
  • You may choose to rent fingerless gloves at Base Camp to protect your palms


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