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Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square Ticket Xi'an (One Day)

Visit the historic pagoda in the heart of Xi'an

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  • Visit the famed Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a symbol of ancient Xian and Shaanxi province
  • Learn of the Pagoda's history, when it was built with materials from India and became home to a Buddhist sect
  • Enter Daci'en Temple, and learn more about Buddhism by observing the monks as they go about their day
  • Opt to enter and climb the 64 meter high pagoda for incredible views of the city around you!
  • Stroll around the squares and gardens and enjoy the peaceful tranquility they offer

What to expect

Visitors interested in learning more about more about Buddhism head straight to Xi'an's Giant Wild Good Pagoda. This Pagoda was built in Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty, and is a cradle of Buddhism that started all the way from India. To get to the Pagoda, you have to go through the Da ci'en Temple, where the Buddhist sect of the Pagoda holds its ceremonies, such as reciting scriptures. The pagoda itself stands at 64 meters with five storeys, appearing as a glorious cone rising over the temple grounds. Visitors can climb the pagoda and see a breathtaking view of the city around them. The walls are engraved with Buddhist statues and images, created in the Tang Dynasty by the famed carver and artist Yan Liben. Visitors can also explore the squares and gardens around the temple and the pagoda itself. Make sure you don't miss the North Square, where the largest musical fountain in Asia stands!

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square ticket
Enter the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square and learn about Buddhist culture
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square ticket
Learn of the Pagoda's history and how it came to stand
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square ticket
Explore the different squares and gardens in the area
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square ticket
Learn about the Buddhist sect that the Pagoda stands for
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda Square ticket
You can opt in-location to get a ticket to enter the pagoda and climb to the top

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