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What people are saying about Cruises in Vienna

MAY THENG Published 632 days ago
Very pleasant experience with Big Bus services. This is my 3rd experience as i 1st experience is in Paris whereby i manage to cover all the attraction in just 1 day as it it a short 3d2n trip. Then i booked BigBus London for 2days ticket and recently is BigBus Vienna. Its really convenient and hassle free for tourist like us which not use with public transport. The area cover are wide and the audio information provided on bus are almost like a tour guide for us. Will definitely recommend this to all my friends. Klook made this easier for us which provide us a 1 stop solution for travellers whereby we can save time searching information and tickets on different websites. TQ
WEI KIT Published 648 days ago
We had an enjoyable experience with the BIG BUS hop on hop off bus in Vienna. We had a 2 day ticket, so we took our time and explored the various stops. The red route focuses on the inner city area. And the blue route goes out to the palace. The commentary provided on the audio guide was useful and informative.
SOOK CHIN Published 720 days ago
I guess the only way to see the city is through hop on hop off and Big Bus is surely a better choice. Booking through Klook was a breeze, easy and convenient. Nonetheless we didn’t get to see much as it was raining on that day but places that big bus cover is extensive. Only down side is the interval between the next bus can take up to 30mins sometimes. Standing at the big bus stand on a cold rainy day waiting for the next bus is no joke.

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