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Explore the beautiful Fitzroy Island with convenient transfer options from Cairns. Can’t wait to get the island adventure started? Then go for the quick Thunderbolt transfer that will get you from Cairns to Fitzroy Island in half an hour. Feel like taking your time? Then enjoy a relaxing ferry cruise with an ocean trampoline and your choice of hot or cold lunch included. Start the trip early and gain plenty of time to discover the island in full. Surrounded by a stunning coral reef, the island is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. With a diverse natural scenery, it’s a hiker’s dream come true: stroll through lush rainforests, woodlands and mangroves and take plenty of photos of the landscape around.
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Thrilling adventures await in Hartley's Crocodiles Adventures Park where you'll get up close and personal to this famous reptilian predator: the crocodile. There are approximately 2,100 meters of boardwalks and pathways that visitors can walk through or follow to visit different zones throughout the park. Hartley's Lagoon is where the action happens, as it's the best place to tour the wetlands and spot crocs in their natural habitat. Visit the Cassowary Walk to meet the flightless emblems of the region, or go to the Wildlife Discovery trail where freshwater crocodiles, lizards, and a walk-through bird aviary gives you a glimpse into the type of biodiversity in the local environment. The commercial Crocodile Farm also allows visitors to learn how crocodile farming works and how it helps conserve the lives of these amazing reptiles. Finally, the newest attraction, the Gondwana Gateway, illustrates an evolutionary process that describes how the unique fauna in Australia was shaped by time. It's a day of adventure, learning, and discovery fit for the whole family!
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An ecotourism destination in Queensland, Australia, Cape Tribulation - located in the Daintree National Park - is a drive away from Cairns and is one of the best places to experience the natural and almost untouched beauty of Australia. The tour starts with a pick up from your accommodation in Cairns. From there, you'll drive to Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas, a wildlife park where animals move freely throughout the entire sanctuary and visitors are free to interact with them - so long as they follow all the rules and regulations. If included with your package, you can have breakfast with the birds, but if not, take the entire morning to just walk around the entire sanctuary and get up close and personal with the sanctuary’s animals, including kangaroos. After that, you'll be taken across the Daintree River to get to Cape Tribulation just in time for lunch. Then, stop at the Alexandra Lookout and take in panoramic views of the ocean and the lush rainforest. Finally, end the tour with the Daintree River Cruise, and get a chance to see more native animals including crocodiles, snakes, and more! You can also choose to maximize this tour by choosing to go Jungle Surfing and zipline from one canopy to the next - the perfect option for the more adventurous traveler.
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Discover the wonders of The Great Barrier Reef with a 4-hour water experience aboard the new deluxe activity pontoon at beautiful Moore Reef. Explore the rich underwater world of the largest living thing on Earth, which is actually visible from outerspace, and home to millions of species of colourful fish, molluscs and starfish, turtles, dolphins and sharks. From Cairns Marina, you'll depart for Fitzroy Island which you'll board the Sunlover cruise boat to take you to the beautiful Moore Reef. As you arrive at the reef and board the pontoon, you are free to do and experience any water activity available. You can go snorkeling, try the theme-park waterslide, go on the semi-sumbersible tour, glass bottom boat tour, or perhaps hop on a helicopter ride for a magnificent bird's-eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. Taste the delicious tropical buffet lunch aboard the pontoon, which will definitely make you full as you go try the different activities. This tour is simply the best way to experience the beautiful Austrailian reef with your family and friends.
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The Agincourt Reefs are one of the most pristine eco-systems remaining in the Great Barrier Reef. With incredible visibility underwater and rich coral growth, meaning an abundant marine life, it's a failsafe spot for getting in some scuba diving or snorkeling. As the most popular cruise ship in the Great Barrier Reef and having won numerous awards, you can enjoy the speed and luxury of the Quicksilver as you ride the glittering blue waves. For those wanting to stay dry, you can even see the coral from the semi-submersible viewing tour, complete with commentary! Learn about the conservation efforts of preserving this world heritage wonder from a marine biologist and how you can help!
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Spend a day exploring the wonders of Cairns' beautiful ocean waters with a visit to Fitzroy Island and Moore Reef aboard the new deluxe activity pontoon. From Cairns Marina, you'll depart for Fitzroy Island. Fitzroy Island is a national park covered in lush tropical rainforest and boasting granite outcrops, open woodlands, mangroves, coral beaches. For one hour, you can explore the island on your own or lounge on the famous Nudey Beach, voted as Australia's best beach. From Fitzroy, you'll then board the Sunlover cruise boat to take you to the beautiful beautiful Moore Reef. As you arrive at the reef and board the pontoon, you are free to do and experience any water activity available. You can go snorkeling, try the theme-park waterslide, go on the semi-sumbersible tour, or the glass bottom boat tour. Taste the delicious tropical buffet lunch aboard the pontoon, which will definitely make you full as you go try the different activities. This tour is simply the best way to experience the beautiful Austrailian reef with your family and friends.
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Moore Reef is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world; an immense reef teeming with marine life, thousands of species, and a vital parting of the oceanic ecosystem of the region. Located 40kms from Cairns, you can opt to choose the helicopter ride first, or the cruise first. Whichever way you select, you get a full aerial and sea level view of this wonder. Riding a multi-level pontoon, you'll cruise over the reef and see it shimmering beneath the waves as you cruise around it. Your up-close experience to the reef will include a variety of fun adventures, such as a water slide that takes you straight down to the reef, complete snorkelling equipment so you can swim around and see the reef yourself, or take a ride on a glass bottom boat that will let you observe above the surface. With expert guides on board, you'll learn a variety of fascinating information about the reef, its importance, and the myriad of marine life that life within it. There is so much to see and enjoy out over the reef, making a trip there an unforgettable day of fun and learning.
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Cairns Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel Experience

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What people are saying about Cruises in Cairns

Shiela Published 77 days ago
Great experience and very organised. if there is an improvement that needs to be made will be the food, im not vegetarian so im ok but i can see that some of the vegetarian or vegan on the boat struggled with the food coz theres not much option. other than that it is perfect experience for me and my husband..
amanjeet Published 93 days ago
Definitely worth it! We stayed at Port Douglas and the the tour operator picked us up around 8.30am. Our tour guide Daniel was super-entertaining and kept the group engaged. He is very knowledgable and knows flora and fauna of the region quite well. The tour packs a lot in one day but there isn't a single moment of dullness! We went through Daintree rainforest; crossed Daintree river; and then drove all the way up to Cape Tribulation. The tour includes lunch. We had lunch in the middle of the rainforest next to a river. It was beautiful and the lunch serving comprising of steak; sausages; fish; rice and salad was quite generous. Along the way, we also managed to squeeze in a quick stop at Daintree Ice Cream Co. in the middle of the forest! We wrapped-up the tour by doing a short 45 min river cruise on river Daintree and were dropped-off back in Port Douglas by 4:30pm. Definitely recommend this trip. It's good value for money.
Sally Mraz Published 513 days ago
Was sceptical before about it being a tourist trap once we arrived on the island but couldn’t have been further from the truth. Apart from the pre arranged semi sub and glass bottom boat activities, so plenty of time to relax on the white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea. Managed to see reef sharks and numerous turtles which enhanced our visit.
Tavita Published 517 days ago
Had a great family experience getting up and close with a lot of the animals, especially the koalas. We have been to many wildlife habitats and found this to be one of the best if you are after a personal experience and being able to get so close to them. We didn’t get to view all the enclosures or shows as the kids were getting too hot and wanted to head back for a swim at our resort. However the ability to return for a complementary visit meant you weren’t pressed to try and complete everything in your first visit. Staff were all very friendly and pleasant and we had no issues when using our voucher. We also paid $15 for a croc feeding experience (Fresh water croc) which the kids enjoyed as well.
Jody Published 642 days ago
What a fascinating place to learn about farming of crocodiles but also see them floating around on the lake and jumping for food is amazing. Great place to see other animals as well like the cassowary and koalas s. My kids loved it and I’d highly recommend as a good day out. Buying with klook is a great deal!
wu Published 701 days ago
This was a very unique experience where you got to see the crocs up close and personal. Aside from seeing crocs, you could also see tons of other animals ranging from Komodo dragons, snakes, cassowaries to birds of prey and koalas. I really felt like this was a great deal and super easy to redeem since all I had to do was go to the counter and let them know I had bought my ticket online.

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