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Trick Eye Museum

4.5 2,530 reviews | 60K+ Booked
Let your imagination run wild at Trick Eye Museum in Singapore, an internationally-renowned 3D art museum from Korea. With its huge array of hand-painted art exhibits made by dedicated Korean artists, each exhibit comes alive with the use of a special art technique, called Trompe-l’oeil, that makes 2D art pop up into 3D! Feel, touch, and interact with the exhibits in 6 different zones, and enjoy a day filled with fun, laughter, adventure and excitement. Get a heightened experience of the Trick Eye Museum with their very own Augmented Reality mobile app, where you'll see a whole new world of AR appear before your very eyes! Discover a hidden word that is seen only through the app by downloading the free “Trickeye-Singapore” mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store, and watch as your photos and videos come alive with hidden animals, magic, fireworks and other special effects!
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US$ 13.25
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National Museum of Singapore

4.7 1,603 reviews | 50K+ Booked
Explore the National Museum of Singapore – home to numerous historical artifacts and exhibits. Dating all the way back to 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is the country's oldest museum and a cultural and architectural landmark. Despite its rich historical background, the museum's galleries have adopted the latest cutting edge display techniques that redefine the traditional museum experience. From humble beginnings to the present day metropolis, you'll learn about everything from daily life to the rapid development of this island nation over 700 years of Singapore history. The National Museum of Singapore hosts a variety of exhibitions, festivals, film screenings and thought-provoking performances all year round – so you are sure to witness a truly great event during your visit.
US$ 7.35
US$ 6.45
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Asian Civilisations Museum

4.7 78 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 8.85
US$ 7.35
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The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum

4.6 287 reviews | 4K+ Booked
US$ 4.40
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ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Ticket

4.6 8,561 reviews | 100K+ Booked
Get ready for a day full of fun and learning with a visit to Singapore's ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands! Since its opening in February 2011, the ArtScience Museum has become a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike thanks to its iconic lotus-shape, its massive size of 6,000 square meters filled with 21 different gallery spaces, and fascinating exhibits! Catch unique exhibitions that are sure to quench any thirst for knowledge. Discover the FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science, a long-term exhibit popular among families with children. See the 16 different digital installations inside this kid-friendly gallery and watch in awe as the interactive displays take you on a full immersion. Next, why not hop from one realm to another as the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to life in state-of-the-art exhibitions! Travel via Bifrost and enter the exotic landscape of Wakanda, Doctor Strange’s Light Portal, and more! See through the eyes of Ant-Man and the Wasp and unleash your inner superhero. But the Wind Walkers––Theo Jansen’s technological marvels––have also come to steal Thor’s thunder. Walk among Strandbeests and gaze upon the larger-than-life creatures of art and advanced engineering! Become a spectator of Theo Jansen’s world-famous moving sculptures and complete your walkthrough at the ArtScience Museum’s collection of wonders.
US$ 10.29
US$ 8.09
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Singapore Musical Box Museum

4.9 104 reviews | 800+ Booked
US$ 23.50
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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

4.6 504 reviews | 10K+ Booked
Want to lay your eyes on the three sauropod dinosaur fossils that are more than 80% complete? No, this is not a sci-fi movie. You can see all of that in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore. The museum is a majestic 7-storey building covering a floor space of 8,500 square meters housing over a million regional specimens. Opened in April of 2015, the museum is one of the youngest in Singapore, yet is home to one of the oldest collections inherited from its predecessor — the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research. At the museum, you will get to learn about the diversity of life on Earth, travel back in time and see the plants, amphibians, mammals and dinosaurs in 16 thematic zones.
US$ 11.75
US$ 11.40
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Do robots have souls? Is it human nature to pursue superhuman abilities? What does it mean to be human? The Human-Nature exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum questions the nature of being human in a world where we achieved enhanced abilities through technology and algorithm, and where we co-exist with robots, machine learning and big data. In addition, there is a permanent collection of Red Dot Design Award winners, all of which have won a Red Dot quality seal after having been rigorously assessed by a jury for their innovative designs. In addition to design exhibitions, the museum features one of the best design shop where carefully curated design objects from around the world, as well as the best designs produced by Singapore designers can be found. The design cafe & bar serves delicious bar grubs and craft beer as well as traditional local deserts.
US$ 7.35
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US$ 44.09
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US$ 138.09
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US$ 62.45
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US$ 73.45
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Madame Tussauds Singapore Ticket

4.7 6,155 reviews | 100K+ Booked
Snap a selfie with rock stars, actors, politicians, musicians and more at the world-famous Madame Tussauds Museum in Singapore. Take a trip back in history or straight to famedom by visiting the museum's various sections: Music, A-List Party, Sports, History & Leaders, Film and more. Don't leave without hopping aboard The Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride that takes you on a voyage through an exotic tropical garden. See the Images of Singapore Live exhibition and discover the city's transformation from a small village into a bustling metropolis.
US$ 45.55
US$ 13.25
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Trishaw Uncle Guided Tours

4.7 62 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Travel to some of Singapore's oldest territories and discover its origins as you stroll down memory lane. Enjoy the tropical breeze on a Trishaw Uncle ride and blend into each district – Singapore River, Little India, Kampong Glam, and Chinatown – for an authentic, old-timey Singaporean journey. Be greeted by a true blue trishaw “uncle,” a term of endearment for trishaw riders given by locals. In history, trishaw uncles formed the early backbone of the country's labor force, thanks to their manual strength to get people to places before the emergence of modern transportation. Beneath every unique corner has a story of its own and combining them all together lead up to the competitive, thriving nation we know as Singapore today. Venture deeper into Chinatown for its temples and restored shophouses; Singapore River for its incredible port relations with the rest of the world; Kampong Glam for its migrant roots with hints of Malay and Indian cultures; and finally, Little India for the interesting mix of local and migrant communities. Don't forget to drop by the shops in these areas and treat yourself to some kitschy souvenir. Guided by professional trishaw riders, you're in for a different kind of expedition as you look back to these places in awe.
US$ 14.69
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Travel back in time as you enter the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, a villa-turned-museum that commemorates Dr. Sun, the iconic leader in the 1911 Chinese Revolution and a pivotal figure in Chinese and Southeast Asian history. The memorial hall, once the stronghold of the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance, displays a large number of historical photographs and personal belongings of Sun Yat Sen, along with other artifacts from the revolution. A large number of exhibits showcase the history of the Singaporean Chinese community during the first half of the 20th century and narrates the impact of the revolution on Singapore and other Southeast Asian societies. Don't miss the authentic 100 year old Letterpress Cylinder Printing Machine, one of the most interesting pieces in this Heritage Centre. As you explore the halls together with your volunteer tour guide, get a glimpse of the rich history of the prominent community that led China to become what it is today.
US$ 5.89
US$ 4.45
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US$ 73.45
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What people are saying about Museums in Singapore

Jolene Published 9 days ago
Very highly recommended! Had an amazing and truly insightful tour of the musical box museum- one of a kind in Asia and never expected Singapore to have produced grandfather clocks, musical boxes in the past! Highly recommended to visit this rare museum and truly enjoyed the hands on experience of listening to those lovely musical boxes function. The cherry of top of the cake was the yummy food in the cafe downstairs- had some Singaporean dishes, Peranakan pastries and the hospitality was great. Bought a hand cranked mini musical box and the wind up musical box photo frame (seen on the tables in the cafe)- we will be back! :)
Raihan Published 12 days ago
expect not just dinosaurs but an animal kingdom -and at some parts, history lessons on Singapore and the region. the layout, attention to detail, all the gold nuggets of information....top notch all around! we came for our dino-obsessed son's benefit but by the time we left the museum, the whole family had takeaways!
Yvonne Published 15 days ago
Choose the 3 out of 5 package. 1. Trick Eye Musuem Quite fun to take photos with family. Many set to choose from! Before enter, please dont forget to download the app for special effects. But, do take note that the app crash if you use it for too long. 2. Madame Tussauds Singapore The wax statue were very realistic. Took a loooy of pictures with my bae, Taylor Swift. Also contains the boat ride, which is very cool and enjoyable. Like how there’s a segment dedicated to Singapore history, great for families to learn about Singapore history! 3. 4D Advetureland Went for the horror ride. Quite similar to the USS Shrek ride, only difference, is that there is no storyline for the 4D Adventureland. Otherwise, scary yet enjoyable ride! In conclusion, 5/5 to go ahead with the 3 out of 5 attractions package; Very value for money!
Ng Published 16 days ago
Start our land and water adventure with a big splash into the Marina Bay! Cruise along Marina Bay, where we admire views of the bustling urban city's skyline and marvel at Singapore's most iconic landmark—the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, the Esplanade Theatre and the towering Merlion. Highly recommended to go with nerf experience and meal at hardrock cafe.
Deborah Published 17 days ago
I didn’t manage to go to Fort Canning Hill’s battlebox during my student days, it was a great time, as it was phase 2, i had the place almost to myself thru out my 4hrs there, i learnt so much about 14th century Singapore n Singapore during the WWII period. Invaluable time and i even managed to walk around fort canning park afterwards
A Published 19 days ago
One of the 'must visit' museums in Singapore for its delicious peranakan food & insightful tour on the history of musical boxes. Even the tickets are worth keeping as momento as each plays a different song like National anthem, We are Singapore, Happy Birthday etc... Never would have known of this if not for SRV. Although it's particularly unfortunate that we were unable to listen to any of the locally made musical boxes, there was never a boring moment in the entire tour. Totally worth visiting.

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