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kidzooona in Klang Valley

4.5 104 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Give your kids the best playtime experience at kidzoona in Klang Valley! This all-you-can-play discovery learning center provides a unique educational play experience for children. Located at the heart of Klang Valley, this concept park is a bright spot amidst the hustle and bust of the city. Inspired from Japanese daycares, kidzoona's hands-on approach and innovative games make learning fun and exciting. Let your kids learn how to socialize and watch as their physical and mental abilities develop naturally. Parents can also join in, providing a chance for families to bond over activities. Free shoe lockers are provided and, if you'd rather relax, there is a comfortable sitting area for parents or guardians. Perfect for kids of all ages, kidzoona is a must-visit place for your next family day. Book now for an unforgettable weekend entertainment!
US$ 3.00
US$ 2.65
Book now for 29 Jun 2021

Jungle Gym Ticket in Kuala Lumpur

4.8 30 reviews | 500+ Booked
US$ 8.50
US$ 7.79
Book now for 29 Jun 2021
US$ 8.75
US$ 7.79
Book now for today
US$ 16.55
US$ 15.79
Book now for tomorrow

Dialogue in the Dark Ticket in Kuala Lumpur

5.0 3 reviews | 100+ Booked
US$ 7.29
US$ 7.05
Book now for 29 Jun 2021
US$ 20.65
US$ 19.00
Book now for 18 Jun 2021
US$ 109.30
US$ 93.55
Book now for 18 Jun 2021

What people are saying about Galleries in Kuala Lumpur

Syarifah Aisyah Published 43 days ago
I went to Kidzoona at AEON AU2 on at 11am on 29 April 2021, Nuzul Quran Holiday. Very easy process to check in, just show them the ticket. Cheaper than walkin price. Bring your own socks. The first to arrive and very clean and neat. Due to covid SOP, only allowed to play for 2 hours. If want to extend, need to pay more, which I did not coz my son already tired and hungry. Overall good. Lots of toys including trampoline!
HongRui Published 48 days ago
It's an experience that you can't get anywhere else. When you experience what it is like to be unable to see what you are doing and going to, you will start to be grateful about what you have right now in your life. We all like to take our lives for granted and only like to complain about what we can't have, but maybe this is something that will open your eyes and make you think otherwise.
CheeFei Published 69 days ago
Price is cheaper than purchase on the spot, extra discount from klook credit, really worth it. The Mid Valley branch is larger than expected, my 5 yrs old son really love it. Just that it is more to role play than jumping and sliding, might not suitable for elder kids, and due to CMCO, only allows us to stay for 2 hours
MUHAMMAD ZUHAILI BIN Published 83 days ago
My 2.5 year old son enjoyed it so much. But Klook should revise the details of the available tickets. As there is confusion whether the klook ticket can only be used on weekends only and whether my 2.5 year old should purchase the 0-2 year ticket or 3 years old and above ticket. Will definitely return.
Nur Ellina Published 87 days ago
If you guys want to experience and learn something different, please go to Dialogue In The Dark. I went through a total darkness journey and experience the life without light. It's an eye opening journey and you guys should try!!! I didn't know that Feri is blind until the end of the tour, but he can see me through his ears and heart ❤️
Atiqah Shahrin Published 165 days ago
best tu mmng best. but I'm upset that the staff can't explain. I don't care about the speaking part. the story of the article explain him. dtg dtg kata tak "i dont know" waklu. I'll call you for help. He just finished 5 minutes of the game. but the female staff is nice and bright. women are happy to understand. nokharam. but best je game he's just wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong or if I'm stupid, I'm not good at it. hahaha main yg vampire tu. he said there was a measles vampire we knew. over is. hahhaa but mmng best. ckp best ni dah bnyk kali dah. ok bye. I'll have more money later. I sprayed the staff. taklah tipu je. Maybe he's new or less smart like us. heheh it's a joke. ok let's come support. The staff is ok, except for the white ckp.

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