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What people are saying about Cruises in Boracay

Roesian Marie Published 782 days ago
When we arrived at the meet up point, the lady who was Klook’s personnel was accomodating. Forgot to get her name. After a few minutes of waiting, we rode their pick up van to Bulabog where we will be starting our activity. When we arrived there it suddenly rained hard so they let us stay inside the van first until the rain subsided. Took about an hour so the personnel asked us if we will pursue the activity even though it was raining. Despite the circumstances, it was still fun and the staff was there to assist us all the way. Highly recommended to those this who will go to Boracay!
Heherson Published 789 days ago
A fun-filled experience! This was the first activity we had last august23, 2019. Upon riding the boat/ motor boat, the rain started to pour down. The staffs at the boat were very hospitable to make us feel safe and relax as we stay in the middle of the sea while there was a heavy downpour (Habagat at that time). We waited for few minutes before we had our banana boating due to the heavy rains. It's a fun experience; 15-minutes ride while it started to rain heavily again! Indeed a must do in Boracay! Thanks Klook!
CATHRINE ASTER LIM Published 842 days ago
The operators of the banana boat were very prompt and knowledgeable. I booked this activity in front of the operator and she assisted me instantly. The speed boat operator was also very accommodating. I booked this with my 2 toddlers and gave instructions to the speed boat driver not to make us fall and they did not make us fall, just enough to give us thrills. I recommend that in Boracay, you book your water sports activities all in the same day because there is a significant waiting time at the boat areas.
FRANK Published 889 days ago
This Banana Boat Activity in Boracay was worth the price we paid! We booked at KLOOK app for this activity on the same day we decided to do it and the booking was all set just within a few minutes. We really had so much fun! The transfer service to/from the activity location was very convenient, safe and well-organized. Thanks a lot KLOOK! We commend you for this legit service. Keep it up! We’ll definitely recommend this activity to our relatives and friends. Till our next booking with you!
Debbie Published 751 days ago
At first, I wasn’t thrilled by it because the speed of the motor boat hauling us was slightly slow and I was seated at the back. When the helmsman asked us if we were enjoying it, we told him to speed up. He immediately agreed and advised me and my husband to sit in front to experience the thrill. It was then when the ride became exhilarating to me. so tip: If the banana boat isn’t bumpy enough to exhilarate you, just tell the kuyas to speed up and sit in front.
Anjenet Published 889 days ago
We really had like super duper fun. We really thought it wasn't extreme activity but the extreme haha is just really fun. We were also happy because my family was on a speedboat for the first time. Plus we were even taken to our station after the activity. The fun. It's a must when you're on the go.

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