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What people are saying about Dinner Cruises in Ho Chi Minh City

MELVIN Published 564 days ago
We never expected the dinner cruise to be superb. The 5-meal course (all meat and vegetarian courses) was so palatable and enjoyable. We were so full by the end of the fine dining. What made it more enjoyable for us was that there were not too many people.on board and you cna really enjoy your night. This is one bucket list that needs to be checked and enjoyed while in Ho Chi Minh City.
Ha Published 79 days ago
Friendly staff, everything is clean, the most favorite is the extremely clean toilet and aroma of essential oils. Food is quite OK, if anyone is not familiar with Western food, please choose Vietnamese menu. In the set menu there are tea and coffee, if you want other types of water you have to order separately. I ordered a glass of watermelon juice, priced at about 60-80k (I don't remember very well), very delicious and worth the money. When eating, there will be live music under the restaurant, after eating, you can go upstairs to listen to live music and breathe the wind, a wonderful experience.
Dmitry Published 87 days ago
A good option to relax after the crazy city bustle and shopping. Albeit expensive, but high quality and delicious food on board. Relaxing romantic atmosphere that lasts until the start of the live music ensemble performance. In my opinion, the group's repertoire does not fit the atmosphere of the event a little. Too noisy and energetic, as if they were at a wedding.
Huyen Published 233 days ago
This is the first time we experienced on the Saigon Princess and we had a very good impression: the food was moderate but very delicious, the band was great, the young waiters were very enthusiastic and professional. Seeing Saigon at night on board is an unforgettable experience. We have a different view of SG when traveling on board: Saigon is new, splendid and modern .. Especially, when we accidentally learned that we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, friend Dick (manager on board) There were very cute actions: gifted a small cake, vouchers increased, the singer (apparently Filipino) came to the table ... This little action of you made us very emotional. moving and not forgetting. Thanks very much. We will recommend it to friends and will be back!
Natasha Published 510 days ago
We arrived early to the Port prior to boarding and were graciously welcomed aboard. The crew and staff were polite and accommodating. Enjoyed some food on the open top deck and drinks. Don’t forget to order ice with your beer!! The last hour we cruised up the Saigon river taking in the night sights of Ho Chi Min. Quite a contrast in levels of living....the best was to capture Saigon in pictures at night. We were serenaded with a live band, the calm water and cooling yet warm night definitely left a good memory for us. Would do again! If choosing a dining river cruise DO choose the Saigon Princess! It’s one of the only boats that actually goes up the river and they have the best layout for pics etc. well done to the crew, staff and entertainers!!!
Shea Published 530 days ago
Booked this cruise for my girlfriend and I for Valentines day and had a great time. I just got us the day cruise pass with no food but it still came with a glass of wine which was really nice. If you don't want to ball out and have a really great budget friendly experience, I suggest just eating dinner prior to the boat and then just order a drink or two and a dessert. The staff were very kind, the scenery was beautiful, and the live music was very good. I saw the other boats that were there and none of them had an open deck on top like the Princess and I really enjoyed the open air vibe. I highly reccomend this activity for a nice night out.