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What people are saying about Art Tour in Hong Kong

Mio Published 102 days ago
I made a reservation with Klook. If you make a reservation normally, it's 200HK $, so it's better to go here. It is located on the 1st floor of a building in the jewelry wholesale district near Wanpoa (2nd floor in Japan). It's really in an ordinary office building, so at first you'll be asked "Is it okay here ...?", But let's enter with courage. After the reception, one staff member guided me in full. The explanation is in simple English, so even I, who has only junior high school level English ability, could understand it. Inside, you can see guitars, watches, sunglasses, smartphone covers, golf clubs, etc. with a large amount of diamonds. I think there is no museum in Hong Kong or Japan where you can see masterpieces made by these modern skilled craftsmen. The number of exhibits is small, but the rarity of what is on display is amazing. You will want to take a closer look one by one. If you like diamonds and gems, you will especially enjoy it. The stone fastening method using 7 stones called Coronet Original was also interesting for me as a jewel nerd. Finally, there is a jewelery showroom designed by Coronet, where you can buy jewelery at a lower price than listed. It's definitely cheaper than buying it in Japan. I haven't seen it closely, but the quality of the diamonds seemed to be quite good. The designs ranged from simple to elegant, so you can look forward to it. The admission fee is $ 200, which is higher than a normal museum, but I was very happy with it. A city of gems: Get a glimpse of Hong Kong. I went alone, but I think it's probably better to go in groups of a few people without hesitation. Finally, thank you very much for the kindness of the female guide staff.