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Kunjapuri Trek From Rishikesh

4.8 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
If you love long hikes, fresh mountain air and the adrenaline rush that comes with high ascents, this 8-hour tour from Rishikesh to the spectacular Kunjapuri will be the perfect get-away. Enjoy a soft and scenic trek with an accompanying English guide to one of India’s most revered and picturesque temples. Start the day early with a 6.30am hotel pick up and head to the temple’s main gate. From there, you will need to climb 300 stairs to get to the legendary Kunjapuri temple itself. The trip may be challenging — but it is all well worth it and you will be rewarded with amazing sunrise views and the snow capped peaks of the Himalayan mountain range. Once at the top, pay your respects at the temple and enjoy a delicious local breakfast at a cafe before starting your descend back to Rishikesh. On the way back, take your time to explore beautiful little villages and make sure to press stud a photo of the majestic Neer Ghattu Waterfall.
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Travelers who are looking to explore what Rishikesh has to offer but don't have plenty of time will benefit from this two hour jaunt into the city's history and most famous sights. Starting with Trimbakeshwar Temple, you'll met your guide and begin your tour. Explore the ancient temple and discover why it's often called the holiest temple in all of India. This is followed by a trip to the famous Laxman Jhula, a suspension bridge of great beauty over the River Ganga, where Rishikesh's cityscape looks splendid over the water. Upon crossing the bridge, you head to the Maharani Sri Vidyawati Kuor, one of the famous landmarks and temples of the city, as well as the Dharamraj Temple. After a trip to the city's Gaushala, you head to the Rishikesh View Point for a splendid panorama of the cityscape in all its splendor. The tour then takes you to Ganga Beach for a relaxing stroll and watching the waters lap upon the shore, before you head to the city's Gita Bhawan, a riverfront ashram, or place of spiritual study. The tour ends at the Parmath Niketan Aarti Sthal during the evenings, where you'll be able to see a true Ganga aarti ceremony, which is a cultural experience to remember.
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Ashram Tour in Rishikesh

5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
Yogic culture and spiritual studies have spread all over the world, calling to millions who have learned and reaped from its benefits. This two hour two in Rishikesh offers travelers a true yogic experience as they will visit one ashram to another, learning about authentic Yogic culture from these centers of spiritual studies. Beginning with a meet up with your guide, you first head to Sivananda Ashram, which is perfectly situated in beautiful, natural surroundings, making it incredibly conducive to meditation and tranquility. After some time here, you then proceed to Yoga Niketan for some spiritual learning. You'll discover the background of Yogic culture, and life lessons from one of the great Yogis of the 20th century. This is followed by a visit to the Vanprastha Ashram, known for its sprawling garden and beautiful location next to the sacred River Ganga, and then the Swarg Ashram, which is considered as one of the biggest epicenters of Yogic culture and meditation, with its hundreds of rooms. Parmarth Niketan Ashram is your next stop; located in the base of the Himalayas themselves, just by the banks of the Ganges, it's a special location in many ways, and the largest in Rishikesh, playing host to celebrations in Yogic culture. As you walk down the banks of the sacred Ganges, reflect on yogic lessons learned, as well as enjoy the peacefulness of the surroundings before heading to the Beatles Ashram, named after the same famous English rock band that had come to visit and learn Transcendental Meditation, and thus made history in the location. Learn about the same form of meditation that gave the band their most productive songwriting stretch in their career, and find peace from the stresses of life. Your final stop is at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Ashram, to discover the band's artwork and explore the history and stories behind the Ashram. It's a day of history, culture, meditation, and learning about ancient techniques that bring peace and balance into your life.
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