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TreeTop Challenge at Tamborine Mountain

4.8 45 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 36.45
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Parasailing in Gold Coast

4.4 25 reviews | 400+ Booked
US$ 68.85
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SkyPoint Climb Experience

5.0 3 reviews | 200+ Booked
US$ 56.09
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US$ 80.85
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US$ 76.49
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Yang Zi Published 167 days ago
We were picked up from our hotel lobby and journey took 20min with some pickups along the way.Belongings are not allowed on board and were safe-kept at reception. We were given a thorough briefing and safety check before we set off! We took the last row and it was such a fun journey through the speed, bumps and definitely wet from the waves. Our boatmaster gave introduction to locations through our journey too! Worth every penny and Definitely an attraction to try out while in Gold Coast
Paul Published 271 days ago
It was a fast ride with plenty of 360 turns, great if you like plenty of speed and getting wet. Sit in the middle of the boat next to the driver and you will stay relatively dry otherwise. Not recommended if you suffer from back issues, as going over the waves can be quite jarring. The teenagers loved it!
Virginie Published 438 days ago
The treetop challenge is amazing. Be aware that when you book with Klook and you choose a date and time that you are NOT booked in with the treetop challenge. Their systems are NOT connected. You still need to call the Treetop challenge people and reserve your timeslot. Be aware that the time you booked over Klook might be full and not available anymore. But the Challenge was amazing and the staff from the Treetop Challenge very helpful and friendly.
low Published 546 days ago
It is a very good experience for city dwelling kids. Fishing, crab catching, catching yabbies and learning about oysters farming. Food was fantastic too. Thumbs up to Belinda and the boat captain for an excellent day. The 3 plates of oysters in the photos is purchased separately but highly recommended!
Kunchaya Published 676 days ago
At first there was a little problem. Because the activity did not confirm once and contacted the agent that over there, meaning that the day we are going to be full Therefore postpone the date until finding the date. Join the Hong Kong people who come as a tour But they are hospitable Can speak Thai too Once on board, there was a device to dig in the mud to find bait but no one could find. So they give out the bait. I like fishing. I like it a lot but can't fall. So I can't sin. And then to the crab catching activity He had laid a trap since the night. And then randomly select each table to see which table can not be caught by taking turns to pull the trap, there are not enough, some 2 pieces. Finally, the people who book with tasting crab also get delicious. As for the Hong Kong tour, I didn't make any reservations. Sat and looked at us and wasted our eyes And we went to order more crabs at the restaurant when boarding from the big crab boat. Fresh, good value. The activity was fun.
Leong Published 683 days ago
The instructor was really knowledgeable and patient. He gave us a quick overview of the different types of waves and marine life before going into the techniques of surfing. There was a lot of time for practice and the instructor made it a point to dedicate sufficient time to help each student. It can get pretty tiring as we had to carry our surfboards around. Photos are sold separately at the end of the session. Glasses cannot be worn while surfing.