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Alishan National Forest Recreation Area Ticket

4.7 679 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 7.25
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Janfusun Fancyworld Admission TIcket in Yunlin

4.8 652 reviews | 10K+ Booked
US$ 16.25
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US$ 3.60
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YU TUNG Published 255 days ago
Tickets for Alishan Forest Recreation Area are 200 per person, and the park car is 100 per person. The practical 299 is only 1 yuan. I feel that it is not cheap. I thought it would be faster to scan QR CODR in the park, so I bought it online first. When I actually arrive, I will enter the park. There is no express channel for the dedicated QR code scanning channel, and people who have not purchased tickets are mixed in line to enter the venue, so it is not faster. But I highly recommend to take the park car (tickets are also sold on site). I got off from Numaping and walked Numaping-Xianglin and then returned to Numaping for a ride. It only took 2:40 minutes to walk slowly, saving a lot of time. , Go to see the sunrise the next day. There are also stargazing and sunrise minibuses next to the tourist service center in the park. Tickets are also available for purchase. Because the small train only runs to Duigao Mountain, it takes one kilometer to watch the sunrise on foot. It is recommended to take the park minibus (or ask the hotel where you are staying) Do you have a sunrise tour by yourself? It will be much easier than taking a small train (the small train on holidays is so crowded that it is difficult to breathe, feels very sick, and also has to use the station. The only better thing is that you can see the scenery when you go down the mountain, but you can go for a walk. The Xianglin Line can also be seen)
PEIJUNG Published 269 days ago
I bought it first on KLOOK. Tickets for Alishan Amusement Park plus electric amusement park are only 299 yuan, including 1 Alishan National Forest Recreation Area ticket + Alishan electric amusement park: Zumaping Line / Xianglin Line round-trip ticket (choose one ). At the scene, the ticket is only 300 yuan, the electric park car costs 60 yuan one-way, and the round-trip ticket is 100 yuan. Buying at KLOOK can be bought and used immediately. It is really cost-effective and very convenient. Playing Alishan is super time-saving and labor-saving, and you must buy tickets. Alishan Forest Amusement Park area you use the whole journey. If it is a young person, it should be fine if the physical strength is good. But if you have elders or children, you may need to pay attention. If you can take the park car, don’t save money. 👇 Suggest how to play👇 From the tourist center station, take the park car to Numaping Station and then start walking from Numaping Station to Alishan all the way to Xianglin Station and then take the park car back to the visitor center I personally think this route is perfect, and it saves time and effort https://www.tony60533.com/alishanebus/
Gleb Published 474 days ago
It was very easy to redeem the ticket at the entrance. I would note, however, that if you're getting there by bus, it might make more sense to buy the ticket at the entrance (you get a 150 NTD discount if you show your bus ticket, but not if you book online). As for Alishan - it doesn't need additional recommendations - you should certainly go there if you visit Taiwan (especially during the cherry blossom season).
Thi Hien Anh Published 703 days ago
Tickets are included with the electric bus, so it is very convenient, especially when traveling only during the day, with little time (changing the electric bus ticket right outside the Visitor Center). Regarding the price, I do not know if it is cheaper to buy it yourself because taking the public bus to Alishan will be given by the driver a 50% coupon for admission to 150 yuan.
Elizabeth Published 723 days ago
Alishan and the Fenqihu Railway Lunchbox are amazing! No issues with the entrance ticket or the claiming the lunchbox. However I was told bc I'm an overseas student my entrance fee would've been NT$150, slightly cheaper than what I paid here, oh well. Lunchbox is usually NT$100 and I think $90 for the vego version (:
Marielle Anne Published 735 days ago
Hassle-free transactions with the railway bento restaurant. It was a little difficult to find at first. You have to go down the flight of stairs as seen in the photo and go right until you see a corner restaurant. The place is very jam packed and you wouldn't miss it. I didn't get to take a photo, but they no longer have the store sign a previous customer put up here. However, they have a huge tarpaulin with the history of their restaurant and the logo of the old lady from their old sign. You just have to show your QR code and they will ask you what bento variant you would want. They will make your order on the spot so you would have to wait. Take out is available for the bento. Getting in to Alishan Forest Recreation Area was also hassle-free as you just had to show your coupon at the gates.