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Pinn Lin Asmond Published 622 days ago
The experience was AMAZING! Everything I dreamt of. The only downside was that when I checked the website, you are supposed to pre book a specific time slot for the tour due to capacity. So tried calling the hotline to book but none of them knew what was happening with this Klook voucher. I decided to just show up for the earliest slot and thankfully they could accommodate me and voila!
Kayla Sok Hoon Published 631 days ago
Have to say that we didn’t expect much from this tour at the start. But it was so amazing to be on the set of these shows, sitcoms and understanding how it works behind the scenes. We ended the tour spending more time at the Friends cafe and walking around the set for Gilmore Girls. You have to allocate at least half a day, although the tour is only 2 hours. Highly recommended!
Khriztina Rhae Published 633 days ago
The tour guides were really great. We visited a lot of areas where our favourite series were shot. I especially enjoyed the exhibit of Friends and Big Bang Theory’s real set. Seeing Stars Hollow in real life was super fun, its exactly what I imagined it to be! We got to walk around inside Lorelei’s house I was just hoping Lorelei or Luke would show up! It was super fun, the lines in the entrance were long but it moved fast so still good!
Irene Mae Published 916 days ago
Thought the tour was only going to take an hour. It's actually a 2-hour guided tour, with the latter part being a self-guided one so you can take as much time as you want. The guided tour is very informative. There's a lot to learn about whag's behind the camera. Note that the Friends set and Central Perk Cafe are at the self-guided tour. Totally worth it!