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Why people love Nagoya

Tsz Yan
Published 281 days ago
In Nagoya Station, it is easy to find the position of the group by following the pictures and texts; however, if there are multiple groups on the day, you must call the tour guides one by one, and then set off and board the train after everyone is gathered. If you are in a group with relatives and friends, it is best to sign up at one time, otherwise there is a chance to break up to another group. After getting on the bus, the tour guide will greet hospitably, start to introduce the itinerary of the day, and interact with the guests friendly, so that even if you are unfamiliar with other members, you will not be embarrassed. Half an hour before arriving at the destination, introduce local history, recommended food and must-see landmarks! We have sent a Chinese or English version of the map for us to use, starting from the car to introduce how to quickly find the old street and check-in points on the route after landing. If most of my friends together may not have enough time to go shopping in the old street, so I just had to wait in line to eat Hida beef sushi and Hida meat dumplings. Therefore, you must first consider your must-go or must-eat before you start! Set aside time to line up for Hida beef sushi! Forget the old street to Baichuan Township, or there is a rest point before returning. Shirakawa-go had to take the bus to the observation deck because the big bus stopped in winter. Fortunately, our tour guide enthusiastically took us to the observation deck on foot for about half an hour. It would be a little tired if we went uphill. The viewing platform has free shooting services, souvenir shopping spots and hot food. It is best to leave half of the time to walk into the house down the mountain, otherwise you will be too in a hurry to go shopping and return. Finally, they will return to the place where they started in the morning and disband.

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