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Published 251 days ago
It was a very informative & unique experience that Msian/ foreigner should try! Appreciate the driver Steven to arrange pick up and also call in advance to cfm timing, location. He is very patience even when Im the only visitor. Thank you Siew Ching for the informative Mandarin guided tour, eventho Im the only visitor for that session, she showcase a very professional and knowledgeable sharing on the history of pewter,both pre and post colonial, the past and current development of the industry. Lastly, big kudos to Azree, the workshop 's instructor, he will show you few tricks to make the pewter (with mould or freehand) and then you will be hands on and try on your own creation. It was very therapeutic session and you could bring home with your key chains. After the workshop ended, a lunch was enjoyed in their cafeteria (portion is decent, mihun was flavourful, the sambal prawn is balanced with sweetness+spiciness) This place is one of the very underrated actvt in Malaysia, the museum is educational and also include the fun element that allows you to spare ur creativity. The majority of female worker in Royal Selangor potraits their value in women empowerment.As Msia is still in lockdown stage, the place have reduce is volume of visitor,this is the right place for locals to try out such a unique experience!!
Published 150 days ago
All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The one I like the most is the huge bathtub so I can bring my nephew for a swim😁 The dinner and breakfast was nice but too much for me and my sister☺️ a very convenient hotel for relaxing and shopping at the same time. Btw for the breakfast there’s only buffet on Friday till Sunday, other days is ala carte meal where u can choose 4 dishes from the menu, more than enough😋
Hong Ming
Published 135 days ago
Immersive is an understatement as you feel sucked into solving a mystery together with the impeccable cast. This was actually our second attempt to solve the mystery yet to no avail as the amount of effort put into the tiniest of detail made them easy to miss. Covid SOPs were well implemented and difficulty breathing through our own masks was a plus as it added to the suspense. Looking forward to Episode 3!
Published 135 days ago
Super fun night out with EF and Loretta. They go at your pace , so you never feel rushed . EF is a good conversationalist and the whole experience was very laid back and chill . Got to discover many unique bars within our own city ! Highly recommended . We will definitely go chec k out some of the bars again later with friends . Keep up the good work EF!
Atiqah Shahrin
Published 134 days ago
best tu mmng best. but I'm upset that the staff can't explain. I don't care about the speaking part. the story of the article explain him. dtg dtg kata tak "i dont know" waklu. I'll call you for help. He just finished 5 minutes of the game. but the female staff is nice and bright. women are happy to understand. nokharam. but best je game he's just wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong or if I'm stupid, I'm not good at it. hahaha main yg vampire tu. he said there was a measles vampire we knew. over is. hahhaa but mmng best. ckp best ni dah bnyk kali dah. ok bye. I'll have more money later. I sprayed the staff. taklah tipu je. Maybe he's new or less smart like us. heheh it's a joke. ok let's come support. The staff is ok, except for the white ckp.
Xahra Batrisyia
Published 29 days ago
The trial class is great for beginners and good fun. The instructors are very kind, helpful and informative, and guide you through the process step by step. The only thing is that it’s quite a distance to get there if you’re coming from KL. But overall the experience is worth the drive if you’re keen to try pottery.

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