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Bangkok Cultural Experience 2021

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Why people love Bangkok

Published 180 days ago
We were the only team with my mom (mostly young people in their 2's and 30's), and my mom said it was a unique experience and she loved it so much! Before cooking, you started to visit the local market and study food ingredients (?), and you started talking about it. It is said that he envied few people who have tried cooking class. The food was also the best I ate during the trip! The amount of food is so large that it will remain unconditionally, so do not eat! Everyone was very kind, and especially thank you for taking good care of the chef and mama to my mom.
Published 156 days ago
It had been arranged to go to Bangkok in February 2020 to pay the vows, but when the epidemic broke out, there was basically no way to go abroad to pay the vows. After waiting for a year, I just happened to see that KLOOK offers the service of voicing the prayers on all sides, which is really great! The team of Erawan Buddhism Vow is very professional. I hope that the photos and videos will be sent to me the next day after the event. I really like your service!
Yi Chun
Published 115 days ago
The space is not large. Except for the training area, which is clean, other walls and areas where there is no soft cushion can be seen obviously dirty. If you are used to other large gyms, you need to be mentally prepared. The coaches are very friendly. Although the English is not very good, they are generally able to communicate. During the epidemic period, there are not many tourists, and there are other children attending the class together. The training is not interrupted during the course, which is very tiring and interesting. The price is fair, you can try it.
Yi Chun
Published 115 days ago
In the second visit to Sompong, the classroom was changed to a larger and brighter place. There were not many students during the epidemic period. The restaurant next door to the classroom recently opened. The teacher is very careful to teach each step, and also helps to take pictures and grasp the angle. The whole experience was very interesting and enjoyed, and the food was delicious as usual.

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