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Why people love Bangkok

Yung Han
Published 375 days ago
I participated in the same TOUR many years ago, and this time I went to Bangkok to buy the same KLOOK TOUR. I found that the scale was much larger in the past few years. The check-in location also added counters, badges and self-collected canned water. intimate. Participating in the TOUR, the local tour guide also humorously explained the fun of the homophony between Thai and Chinese. He felt that this tour was like going out with a friend who hadn’t seen it in a long time, and everyone was getting on and off the car in an orderly manner. The gathering didn't bother the fellow cars, it was really great! Everyone’s orderliness adds better memories to this tour.
Published 154 days ago
I am very grateful to the tour guide Ayun (Apple) for picking us up in Bangna and Asok early in the morning. The day before the trip, there was a thoughtful notice on how to dress. It was super nice. After taking us to Ayutthaya, it is also explained along the way, including time and space background, history, etc., are very clear, and also very considerate to help us take a group photo, and I will look for them again next time out. My favorite for this trip is Maha Temple and Bodhi Tree The roots are covered with the head of the Buddha, and the tour guide also provides two versions of theories proposed by historians. This trip is very worthwhile
Jin Ling
Published 146 days ago
If you go directly to the designated meeting point that can be reached by the MRT, someone will help you arrange a day’s itinerary. The special car pick-up and the Chinese-language guide is very convenient. For those who want to go to the suburbs, there is no public transportation problem. The disadvantage is that it is too hot. , Sometimes the car is not air-conditioned early in the morning.
Published 134 days ago
The activity schedule is great. The CP value is high, and you can freely taste the authentic roadside stalls. The menu translations of the vendors encountered are weird, but the ones that are randomly ordered are very delicious; the fly in the ointment is that the tour guides you meet have a Cantonese accent or speak directly Cantonese, most of them don’t understand what they are talking about. After being hypnotized by the ride, they are sour and rude not to listen to someone’s introduction (Huh?)
Published 118 days ago
The first time I went to the floating market, I liked the atmosphere very much. The leisurely and enthusiastic selling, and the sound of bargaining by merchants and customers filled the entire water market, which was very lively! The boatman’s aunty was rowing the boat very fast and there was no noise from the electric boat. She would make a special detour. After passing other people’s houses, we can see that the stilt houses are directly covered on the water. The people here really live by the water. The means of transportation are ferry! Next, I went to a famous Thai milk shop and the noodle shop next to it for lunch. I heard that Thai drinks are super sweet, so I told the merchants not to add sugar. It tastes like a taste that I will miss in the future! The tour guide brother is also very enthusiastic, but will not overly interfere with our free time itinerary. Overall, I am very satisfied with the itinerary provided by vacio, and I recommend it!
Published 117 days ago
Experience elephant rides and floating markets, watch trains entering the station at Maeklong Railway Market, and buy cheap fruits, deeply experience Thai culture and good staff service, it is worth a visit. Rare floating market and elephant riding experience. The tour guide reminded us attentively that we must bargain. I really like more than two. The places to get off the boat to eat are actually sold. The price is relatively cheap, and the elephants in the Elephant Village are also very lively , But also the face of a loved one

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