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Ho Chi Minh City Attractions 2021

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Why people love Ho Chi Minh City

Published 307 days ago
Ho Chi Minh college students riding motorcycles to take passengers to roam the city, showing tourists to sights not seen by ordinary tourists, such as "houses" in Ho Chi Minh City, well-known "ghost buildings", underground bunkers during the Vietnam War, Chinese beliefs Mazu Temple, visiting local markets, and houses built after World War II. University student guides will also take tourists to eat the most authentic pho, French bread, while eating and walking and telling the historical style of the place, the harvest is full.
Published 248 days ago
Although it is in English, the content is easy to understand! The itinerary is very fulfilling, and the lunch is very delicious 😍 Generally, you can finish the shallow Ho Chi Minh City by buying a package of itinerary, and you will basically step on the bigger ones! The tour guide is lively and interesting. In the process, you can learn a lot of the history of wars and why Vietnam has become like this until now. I think it is very recommended
See Wing
Published 197 days ago
Super fun! Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its many motorcycles, and it’s more exciting to sit in and out! In addition, the tour guide knew that my friend and I had not eaten breakfast, and they took me to the local market to eat pho. It was really impossible to go to the car; Zhongyou took me to the first cafe in Viet to buy coffee powder together. This is an event. Really 10 tweets!
Published 137 days ago
Easy and slow journey. Because there are older elder sisters in the group, the pace of the itinerary must be slow, and the tour guide will not rush the itinerary, which is considerate. The Monkey Island guide will prepare peanuts so that everyone can feed it. It is a very good experience. At noon you can experience local Vietnamese meals (thanks to the tour guide for providing sugar cane juice). Finally, take a boat around!!!~ If you have enough time, you can climb a viewing tower.
Published 124 days ago
It’s rare to have the opportunity to come into contact with different faces of Ho Chi Minh City. The organizer has already known and screened the slums beforehand. Tourists don’t have to worry about safety. The guide this time is Vinh. The English is very fluent and the introduction is very detailed.
Nurul Shima
Published 32 days ago
Love the whole arrangement. We went to the Travel & Tours office and waited to be fetched by a bus and prolly 20 other tourists. package was inclusive of lunch (vegetarian option available) and boat rides, which was amazing and without the stress of add-ons, unless you'd like to add a fancy fish dish for lunch. The whole boat ride along the mangrove and river was fun and our guide was also friendly. There were also bathroom + tea breaks along the bus ride, and we really enjoyed visiting the bee shop, which also comes with a traditional musical performance by the locals. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Popular Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

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