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See the unique natural sights of this mesmerizing group of islands and feel the warm welcome of the Ivatan people. Climb the iconic hills and grasslands and take picturesque shots from lighthouses across Batanes
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Batanes is an archipelago of islands located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. Due to its location, many have invaded the province ranging from foreign colonizers to natural disasters. Yet, it was able to maintain its quiet charm and natural beauty, making it one of the most dreamed about destinations in the country. From verdant rolling hills to fascinating tribal communities, there are plenty of things to do in Batanes that will make a lasting impression on any visitor.

Diura Fishing Village

Diura Fishing Village is a small town in Basco, Batanes, that will give its visitors a glimpse of the local fishing culture. Here you'll see cogon houses where fishermen temporarily live during the fishing season, dried fish hanging everywhere, and colorful boats parked near the shore. Come during March and witness the ceremony called Kapayvanuvanua, signaling the beginning of the fishing season. It is a well-known tradition in Batanes where a pig is butchered, and its blood is offered to the sea spirits by pouring it at the shore.
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Vayang Rolling Hills

One of the best things to do in Batanes, without a doubt, is climbing the Vayang Rolling Hills located in the capital of Basco. With just a 30-minute climb, visitors will be rewarded with an indescribable view of the nearby mountains, the West Philippines Sea, and cows and goats grazing the area. Aside from the stunning scenery, it can be unpredictably windy here, so remember to cover up and wear proper hiking shoes. Visit during sunrise or sunset and watch the hills glow during these golden hours.
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Rakuh a Payaman

Rakuh a Payaman is a picturesque trail through rolling hills offering a majestic view of Batanes. It’s just a 30-minute drive from another famous attraction in the area, the Vayang Rolling Hills, which will also leave its visitors in awe of the provinces’ beauty. From here, you can get a glimpse of Tayid Lighthouse, the fishing village of Diura, and the vast Pacific Ocean. It got the nickname Marlboro Country as it resembles the location of the cigarette brand’s popular commercial in the ’90s.
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Morong Beach

Morong Beach is a renowned beach on the island of Sabtang. Locals and tourists prefer Morong because of its sand that is much fairer than other beaches in the area. The waves are not too strong as well, making it a great option if you’re itching for a swim. Other than its breathtaking coast, another must-see attraction here is the Nakabuang Arch. The iconic natural formation made up of limestone has become one of the most photographed spots in Batanes.
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