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Be ready to take picturesque shots of rural India as you traverse traditional villages surrounding Pushkar or go on a camel safari to witness an amazing sunset
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Hindu pilgrims from all over India make their way to the ancient city of Pushkar every year. Their hymns of devotion and puja (prayer), along with the sounds of bells and drums, flow into the town’s ghats and Brahma temples. Its streets are flooded with bazaars full of religious items, knick-knacks, and delicious Indian food. Whether you’re seeking enlightenment in the many places of worship surrounding Pushkar Lake, or eager to immerse yourself in the Pushkar Camel Fair, this travel guide will help you discover the best attractions in Pushkar.

Pushkar Lake

Surrounded by 52 bathing gats and over 500 temples, Pushkar Lake is the center of Hindu pilgrimage in the city. According to Hindu texts, this lake was created from the petals of Lord Brahma’s fallen lotus as he destroyed Vajra Nabha, thus the name ‘pushkar’ or lotus. Pushkar Lake is the most important out of all five sacred lakes in India and is believed to have the ability to rid of pilgrims’ sins. A temple tour is a great way to explore the lake and experience a cleansing ritual like Aarti.
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Brahmaji Temple

The Brahma Temple’s beautiful facade is made up of red shikharas and Hindu motifs decked onto 14th-century marble and stone slabs. Pilgrims visit the temple to present their offerings, which are then collected by Sanyasis for their pujas (prayers). The Kartik Poornima festival brings more of these worshippers to the fore, all of which go through a ceremonial cleansing of sins at the Pushkar Lake. Join a walking tour to see the interiors of this holy place and get to meet the four-headed Brahma and his consort Gayatri, goddess of vedas.
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Savitri Mata Temple

Perched on top of Ratnagiri Hill is Savitri Mata Temple, a place of worship for Lord Brahma’s wife. Hindu pilgrims believe that overcoming the steep climb to the top will grant them ‘tapas’ or purification from sins. To visit, you can either trek the hill until you reach the stairs or join the ropeway ride for a better view of the city. It’s also an amazing sunset viewing spot because it overlooks Pushkar Lake and the surrounding landscape.
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Rangji Temple

In 1823, a temple dedicated to Lord Rangji -- an incarnation of Lord Vishnu -- was added to the 500 temples and ghats residing in Pushkar. But with an architectural design influenced by Dravidian, Rajputana, and Mughal styles, Rangji Temple was bound to be a favorite amongst pilgrims. This historical temple complex is decked with old Fresco paintings of legends from Hindu mythology, making it one of the oldest temples in the city. Learn more about this temple’s past and the local culture through a guided walk to some of the best attractions in the city.
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