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Why people love Tokyo

Published 297 days ago
The staff there can almost speak Chinese and there is no problem in communication. Although there are not many kimono styles that you can choose for free, there are still some good textures to choose carefully. The teacher who wears clothes is Japanese, and the clothes are very particular and professional. There are nine hairstyles to choose from, and you can choose one or two hair accessories as accessories after tying, and finally choose slippers and handbags. The whole process is fast and smooth. Although the quality of the kimono is not very good, the photo effect is enough, and it is acceptable for the first experience. The only drawback is that the slippers may be worn out because they have been worn many times and are not very good ; The other is that the hairstyle tied out is quite different from the original picture, but it is acceptable.
Published 256 days ago
It’s really convenient to order with KLOOK. I was afraid that the good-looking kimono styles would be picked out, so I chose the earliest one, and I did my homework a long time ago, and I found the kimono I want before I went, because it is a more gorgeous style. There will be an extra price increase on site, but you must wear the best mood when you are holding it. In addition to upgrading my kimono (+¥1000), hair accessories (+¥500), and finally finishing the winter shawl (+¥500) ), to meet the most gorgeous pomp of the audience is to be happy! ❤️ (The staff on the PS site are really meticulous, and the teachers who help to wear kimonos and makeup teachers are all local Japanese mothers, recommended 👍)
Published 127 days ago
I used a hakama plan to have my friends wear it. In a nutshell, I'm very happy with this rental! Although it was reasonably priced, the fabric was solid and the color pattern was cute, and the hair set made short hair beautifully braided. Also, thanks to the fact that everything was completed in a short time of about 1 hour from the reserved time, I was able to fully enjoy the schedule after that. Even though it was a long walk in Asakusa, it was very good that my kimono and hair did not collapse. My friend, who was new to hakama, was relieved to say that it wasn't painful. Above all, I would like to thank all the staff of Hua Ya for their warm and courteous response from beginning to end! It was fun to talk a lot, and I was happy to remember that he took pictures outside. It was my first time to use such a rental, so I was a little worried, but I'm glad to meet Kamiya from many shops ◎ Please come back to Asakusa. If you are thinking of using it in the future, please feel free to enjoy the rental (* ^^ *) Thank you very much for this time!

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