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Why people love Taipei

Published 367 days ago
1. The driver and tour guide are professional and enthusiastic, arrange the itinerary quite smoothly, and the explanation of the relevant attractions is also very complete. 2. The entire northeast corner has been walked or passed, and then returned to Taipei from the snow tunnel, a good trip. 3. For passengers who are not driving, it is a more relaxed way to focus on the northeast corner of the trip.
Published 311 days ago
Thanks to the tour guide, Brother Joseph, for his explanation and explanation, which allowed us to understand a lot of Taiwan’s history and environment, and to have a better understanding of Taiwan. This trip has benefited a lot from participating in this trip. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience.
Published 259 days ago
A very pleasant experience, just like visiting Taipei to find good friends. The tour guide, Brother Arthur, was very dedicated and attentive from the beginning of receiving us to the end of the whole journey. Chatting with Brother Arthur not only allows me to know the local culture and attractions, but also because of the sharing of the life experience of Brother Arthur, I cherish the accumulation and process of my life experience. They are all worth learning together. Travel with the right people to enrich your life and broaden your horizons. Have the opportunity to come to Taipei to find a tour guide, Brother Arthur! Wonder your life.
Published 154 days ago
After stealing a floating life for half a day, I finally caught up with the blooming season of Yangmingshan and took a deep and interesting day trip to Beitou & Yangmingshan. With the guided tour by the knowledgeable Arthur guide, I have a different understanding of the past development history of Beitou and Taipei. It turns out that from the "Pi Hai Ji You" (also known as "Sulfur Diary") written by Qing Dynasty official Yu Yonghe in the late 17th century, Beitou was mining sulfur. The New Beitou Hot Springs that we often go to are actually the only two places in the world (Xin Beitou and Yuchuan in Akita) that contain precious "radium" ingredients. Therefore, in addition to the precious Beitou stone, New Beitou's unique green sulphur radium spring is another national treasure of Taiwan. Of course, it is the flowering season in Yangmingshan, how can you miss the cherry blossoms and azaleas all over the mountains! This year's flower conditions are good, of course, you must take pictures of the beautiful scenery. In addition, the amazing little oil pit allows us to see fumaroles, sulfur crystals and spectacular collapsed terrain caused by the power of natural volcanoes!
Published 149 days ago
This event brought memories to the family. Adults were happy and children were happier. The professional introduction of the tour guide Chen Yingshan made us know each attraction better. I really have a long knowledge. Thank you Klook for giving us a high-quality journey. I will choose a guest next time. Road as a journey itinerary.
Published 147 days ago
Overall, the driver who is quite good is a novice, Yantu will introduce it~ the rest is very good😁 After arriving in Wuling, I have about 2.5 hours to enjoy the flowers, I have plenty of time and~ I have helped prepare a super business lunch box, really Very good 👍🏻 Bring your own placemats, drinks, and snacks to enjoy the cherry blossom rain under the cherry trees ❤️ But ~ why go to Yilan Jimmy Park? ? It would be better to go back to Taipei or other attractions earlier😆

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