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Why people love Taipei

Published 328 days ago
The only 360-degree rotating viewing tower in Taiwan is super romantic! Taipei Million Night View Tamsui Lover Tower! Discount tickets for Klook double tickets are only 299 yuan! I’ve been to Tamsui so many times and I don’t even know that this Fullon Hotel’s facility lover tower is the only 100-meter 360-degree revolving view in Taiwan and it’s super romantic. Ah, spend a small amount of money to sit and watch the million night view, it’s awesome https://www.tony60533.com/tamsui-lovers-tower/
Published 288 days ago
You only need to go to the counter to exchange tickets in the Chiayi South National Palace. It is quite convenient. Although there are many exhibition rooms in Taipei’s National Palace Museum, it is good to see different cultural relics. The surrounding area is very large and suitable for walking. There is also a children’s hall. A good place for parents and children.
Published 211 days ago
Tickets can be used immediately after purchase; the museum has a small space, and the exhibits are still rich. The details of the miniature artworks are all made. The small organ of the Phantom of the Opera is even more surprising. If you don’t know how to go in Taipei Wherever possible, you can set aside a little time to visit here, and it will take about 30-40 minutes.
Published 152 days ago
Super awesome! ! ! It is highly recommended that the cat cable can go in the afternoon, and then have a snack or dinner and wait for the cable car to come back after dark! ! The night view is really beautiful~~~~ Take a double-decker bus again~ Around the red line for about an hour~ There is an audio guide along the way~~ Even people living in Taipei can see Taipei from different angles, which is very fun.ˊˇˋ
Published 127 days ago
My parents took it with me about 20 years ago. Recently, on a whim, I want to do it again. There are passenger trains at Taipei Main Station and the transportation is very convenient. The performances at the Ocean Theater are great, about 70 minutes long. The professional diving, dolphins, and seal shows are all wonderful, and there are not too many crowds, so it's pretty good to stroll around. Next door is Yehliu Geopark. After visiting the Ocean Park, go to the Geopark just right!
Fa Jung
Published 112 days ago
Originally, there was little way to understand why I had to queue up for redemption after I bought a ticket on the Internet. But I found that after buying tickets online at noon that day, I grabbed 900 places before the holiday, I can exchange chicken cakes and drinks, and I am also eligible to go to the 101st floor observatory, which is actually very cost-effective. Although the queue downstairs is not short, at least the flow is fast, and the control of each floor is very clear, so the experience is good. It is the second time to climb to the 101 building and look at Taipei City. This is indeed a trip that even Taipei people think is very worthwhile!

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