Taiwan’s 2020 Cherry Blossom Forecast and The Best Viewing Spots

klook team
klook team
14 Mar 2020
South Korea

Cherry blossom season in Taiwan!

In case you didn’t know, Taiwan welcomes the Spring season with its own set of bright cherry blossoms. So if you’ve been dreaming of experiencing sakura season this year, Taiwan should be on your list of destinations to consider! From January through April, multiple cities over the country are decorated with pink blooms – here’s a list of the best time and place to catch them.

1. Wuling Farm, Taichung (8 to 29 February)

If you’re visiting Taiwan specifically for the cherry blossoms, a visit to Wuling Farm should be at the top of your itinerary! Located in the mountain valleys of Taichung, visitors will be greeted by a landscape of blossoming cherry trees for the entirety of February. Be sure to check out for official festival days beforehand as the entrance to the park might be limited on those dates.
Other viewing spots: Peach Garden, Wuling Road, Tea Garden Trail

2. Yangmingshan National Park, Taipei (15 January to 20 March)

Just in case you’re not keen to go far out of the city to get a glimpse of these pink blooms, Yamingshan National Park, or Taipei’s Back Garden is just 20KM north of the city centre and offers some of the best blooms in the country.
The entire park is expected to be fully adorned with cherry blossoms as early as January all the way through March. Spend an entire day taking a tour of these cherry blossoms and join in a Beitou and Yamingshan Day Tour from Taipei!

3. Alishan, Chiayi (1 March to 1 April)

Alishan is one of Taiwan’s most popular sakura viewing spots – and we can totally see what the hype is all about! Home to over 20,00 cherry trees, visitors are sure to spot these pretty pink blossoms all throughout this idyllic town in Chiayi. For the most picturesque spots, we recommend visiting the Alishan Ranger Station!
In case you’re interested in adding Chiayi into your Taiwan itinerary, it’s important to note that it is quite a distance from Taipei. Be sure to book your Taiwan High-Speed Rail for the fastest and most cost-efficient transportation option from the city centre.
Other viewing spots: Alishan Forest Railway, Alishan Magnolia Garden

4. Tai-nan Police Station, Taichung (25 February to 20 March)

Probably not the first location you’d consider for cherry blossom hopping, but you’d be surprised by the number of blooms that grow in this particular area every Spring! During this time, special transportation such as shuttle buses and ferries can be arranged for tourists coming from the from Tai-nan Train Station just to see these gorgeous cherry blossoms!

5. Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei (10 March to 30 March)

Over by the unassuming countryside town of Danshui, tourists will spot Tianyuan Temple surrounded with multi-colored cherry blossoms. With or without the sakura blooms, Tianyuan Temple is a popular attraction thanks to its eye-catching exterior. Throughout the month of March, the volume of tourists are expected to triple all due to all the cherry blossoms decorating the area.
Although you can definitely take the Taipei MRT, you might want to Klook yourself a private car charter to save yourself the hassle and avoid the crowds that are about to come in in the afternoon!

6. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Taichung (25 February to 15 March)

There’s no better place to experience pink Spring than at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Taichung. Here, cherry blossom trees line up the streets – offering sights akin to a sea of sakura. The largest Sakura Festival also takes place in the same village – featuring kimonos, parades, cultural shows, and a whole lot of food! While you’re at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, be sure to board the Skyline for a bird’s eye view of the entire park!

7. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei (10 February to 10 March)

This popular tourist attraction is getting its fair share of pink blooms this Spring! If you’re visiting Taipei sometime this February and March, be sure to stop by Chiang Kai Shek Memorial for a glimpse of Taiwan’s bright sakura blooms.
Klook yourself a Taipei Fun Pass and get admission to 12 tourist attractions – including Chiang Kai Shek and Taipei 101 – plus unlimited Taipei MRT and City Bus rides, allowing you easy transportation around the city.

8. Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, Nantou (5 March to 20 March)

On any regular day, Sun Moon Lake offers tourists a scenic postcard-perfect – but for fifteen days during Springtime, this picturesque sight gets a cherry blossom makeover. All the way from the ropeway to the actual lake, the city gets enveloped in bright pink blooms that is sure to mesmerize locals and tourists alike.
If you’d like to explore Sun Moon Lake just outside of Taipei, you can Klook yourself a 3 Day Taiwan High-Speed Rail Ticket to travel back and forth from Taipei at ease!

Sakura chasing tips:

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  • Bookmark this blog post and stay updated for any changes regarding the blooming schedules!

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