11 Cute Minion Souvenirs You Can’t Leave Universal Studios Japan Without!

14 Mar 2020
USJ Minion Souvenirs 16

Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios Japan

The charm of the Universal Studios Japan theme park and what sets Japan apart from the rest we reckon is that EVERYONE is always in character! Dressed in the cutest themed headbands with popcorn buckets slung across their body, part of the fun is joining in. If you’re a fan of the yellow banana-loving Minions, you can’t leave the park without taking home some of these cute Minion-themed souvenirs!

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Souvenirs to buy from Universal Studios Japan

1. Minion popcorn buckets

Having a cute popcorn bucket is almost an essential while in Universal Studios Japan and if you’re a fan of minions and bananas, you’ll love the BANANA CARAMEL flavoured popcorn that comes in the cutest little buckets.
These buckets are often seasonal and the minions will be dressed in different outfits depending on the time of year. If you’re a true fan, you’ll want to collect them all! Head to the Pop-A-Nana Cart outside the Minion Park at Universal Studios Japan to get yours!

2. Minion bolsters

Cuddle up with these cute Minion bolsters on your flight home or while you rest at night. Not only are they extremely soft and fluffy, some even come with hidden surprises!

3. Minion Snacks

Photo credits : Universal Studios Japan
Feeling peckish after conquering all the rides? Snack on these cute Minion themed snacks that just might be too cute to eat. Don’t forget to bring some home for your loved ones and score some extra brownie points.
The Gumball Machine is definitely a keeper, top it up with extra gumballs or M&Ms after you’re done!

4. Minion accessories

Want to be a part of the minion crew? You first have to look the part! Grab a minion headband from any of the pushcarts around the park or head into the Universal Store at the entrance to grab one before heading in to conquer the rides. Kawaii!

5. Minion plushies

Photo credits : Universal Studios Japan
Just like how Bob can’t go anywhere without his bear Tim and Agnes can’t leave without her fluffy unicorn, you too need to have your arm swag! Grab a cute plushie and take it around the park. Not only will it make for a good cuddle while waiting in line for rides, they help level up your theme park photo game!

6. Minion stationery

If you’re the type of person that looks for practical gifts, there are plenty of those as well! Pick up a minion pen that does more than just look cute, it has multiple colored pens within! There’s also plenty of other stationery items like notebooks, files and even stick pads!


It’s so fluffy i’m gonna die! If you too like Agnes are team fluffy unicorns, you’ll love the new It’s So Fluffy store. Stocking ONLY unicorn merchandize, you’ll find the cutest unicorn headbands, sunglasses, PJs, the works!

8. Summer essentials

If you’re visiting in the summer, you’ll definitely need a handy fan to beat the summer heat. This Minion fan not only generates wind but you can also top it up with water and give yourself a spritz of moisture every time you feel dried out by the heat.
With the different parades all year around with huge water guns, snow machines and the works, keep your phones safe in this waterproof pouch! This transparent pouch allows you to continue taking those Instagram photos and stories without potential damage to your phones.

9. Christmas Ornaments

The perfect way to collect souvenirs around the world is to take home an ornament for your Christmas tree! Having them all hung up on the tree at the end of the year is the perfect way to reminisce on memories. Take home the cutest minions dressed in santa hats ready to celebrate!

10. Cup Noodles

Who doesn’t love a good mid night snack? These Minion cup noodles – Mini-mens are the perfect late night snack. Tuck into the seafood flavored springy noodles for a great fix to your late night hunger pangs.

11. Minion keychains

If you are someone who travels light, you can still walk home with an adorable Minion souvenir from Universal Studios Japan! Look out for their cute variations of keychains – like the ones with the Minion pop-ups in the picture above. Surely, it’ll make your day by simply squeezing it when you’re stressed out.

12. Cardholder

Yet another practical Minion souvenir is the cardholder! Whether you’re planning on storing your tap and go transport cards or some cash in the handy zip pocket, this makes for easy acess since you can hang it across your neck.

Tax-free shopping

The best part about shopping overseas is getting tax-free returns services! Be sure to bring along your passport and your receipts from your purchases* if they amount to at least 5000 JPY. The total tax refund is 5.8% however they will charge a 2.2% handling fee.
Head to the Tax Refund Counter is located in Studio Gift West for more details.
* The following items are not included: Studio Pass, Express Pass, foods, souvenir items such as popcorn buckets, photo service, postage stamps, and home delivery service.

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