Are You Malaysian Enough To Score 100% On This Quiz?

malaysia flag

How Malaysian are you?

So, what does it mean to be Malaysian? Is it the ability to wolf down 1kg of durian without any problems, exercising your rights to vote, reciting the Rukun Negara without pauses, or a combination of them all?

Take the quiz below and see how well you score. Psst, those who get 100% will get a promo code!

Have fun this holiday!

Let’s all celebrate another year of peace and independence and count our blessings for the long holiday! Don’t have anything planned yet? Why not spend the time exploring other parts of Malaysia that you might not have been to before or book a holiday overseas for some family bonding time. Marilah cuti with Klook and remember to use the “EXTRA31OFF” promo code until 16 September 2018 for all activities sitewide.

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