Step By Step Guide: How To Book Europe Train Tickets On Klook

14 Mar 2020
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Travel Europe by train

Now that you’ve saved up for that long-awaited trip to Europe, you’ll definitely want to visit more than 1 city at a go. Luckily, travelling in Europe is easy with the many trains that connect the cities. If it’s your first time to Europe and you’re confused about the entire train system, read on to find out more!
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Plane vs Train vs Bus

If you’re planning to travel around the different European countries, there are a few options on getting around. We’ve done a quick comparison of getting from London to Paris below:
Travelling by plane often means the shortest journey time but does not usually mean the quickest travelling time. This is because you will need to head to the airport early to check-in and go through security and customs checks.
There are restrictions on the amount of baggage you’re allowed to bring and you will not be allowed to bring liquids on board. Upon landing, you will need to transfer to another train in order to arrive at the city centre.
Travelling by bus is the cheapest option but with the longest journey time. Bus journeys are often long because of the slow speeds and potential traffic jams. The seats are the most narrow and offer the least legroom. You are often not allowed to bring your own food and drink onto the bus. There are also fewer buses a day travelling from city to city.
Travelling by train is probably the quickest option with the train taking you directly from the city centre to city centre. This means that you can save yourselves the time and cost of getting an airport transfer.
You are also allowed to bring liquids and baggage on board the trains for no extra fees. Trains also offer you more legroom and you can even stroll around to stretch your legs. With multiple departures a day, you can choose an optimal time for your journey.

Rail passes vs single tickets

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There are a few things to consider when deciding between rail passes and single trip tickets:
1. How many countries will you be visiting by train
If you will be visiting multiple cities in a single country, it might be best to get the country-specific rail pass. For example, if you will be spending 5 days in Switzerland, it might be best to get the Swiss Travel Pass instead of a Eurail Global Pass.
If you will be visiting multiple countries, it might be worth it to get the Eurail Global Pass that covers 31 countries.
If you are visiting 3 or fewer cities, it might be best to get a point-to-point ticket for a more cost-efficient way of travelling.
2. How many days do you expect to ride the train
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While many of us will tend to visit multiple cities at a go, the number of days spent at a city varies. If you are planning a 3-week trip and will only be travelling via train every 4 days, it might not be worth to get a consecutive rail pass. The consecutive rail passes will require you to be on the train every day or every 2 days for it to be worthwhile.
There are also flexible rail passes that allow you to travel unlimited travel within an overall 1 or 2 month period. The overall 1 month period begins the day you start using your pass and you can then use it for any 3/5/7/10/15 days of unlimited travel anytime during that 1 month period.
3. Flexibility vs fixed dates
If you’re looking for flexibility in your travel dates, you should opt for the rail pass that allows you unlimited travels during the validity of your pass. If you’ve already got your dates fixed and set, you should definitely opt for the single trip tickets as you can purchase these cheap if you book in advance.
Do note that while you might be able to save money on purchasing your point to point tickets early, these are nonrefundable and non-changeable reserved tickets. This will mean a fixed itinerary and a lack of flexibility.
4. Seat Reservations
Do note you may have to pay extra if you’re taking trains where seat reservations are required, especially for domestic high-speed trains, international and night trains. When you book your rail passes on Klook, you can make the required seat reservations at the same time as well.
Pre-booking your point to point tickets on Klook are inclusive of a seat reservation so you won’t have to worry about not finding a seat on the long journey.

Best time to book train tickets

If you’ve already got your itineraries set in stone, we’d definitely suggest pre-booking your train tickets in advance, in fact, the earlier the better! The earlier you book your train tickets, the cheaper they are. Here is a comparison of the prices of train tickets for a one way trip from London to Paris depending on the time you book.

Booking your Europe train tickets on Klook

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Pre-book your Europe train tickets on Klook and enjoy the convenience of E-tickets that you can print at home. This saves you the hassle of heading to the ticket counter to purchase single trip tickets each time!

Save big on your Europe trip with Klook

We know heading to Europe can burn quite the hole in your pocket so we’re here to help! Enjoy RM100 off your Europe adventures with Klook by simply keying in the code “GREATEU100” with a min spend of RM1,000 from now until 30 September 2019.
Do note that you will not be able to add the point to point tickets to your cart and hence you will need to check out from the page instead. You can still input your promo codes before checking out.
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