13 Must-Try Foods At Universal Studios Japan That’ll Take Your Tastebuds For A Ride

Klook team
Klook team
14 Mar 2020

Food and fun at Universal Studios Japan

For all theme park junkies, Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is a bucket list must-have.
One of the only two Universal Studios parks in Asia, Universal Studios Japan is every thrill-seeker and movie fan’s place to be – with different adventure zones to explore, and new seasonal attractions like Universal Cool Japan 2019 always popping up. Before you head down, read up on our insider tips and tricks to fully maximise your USJ experience!
All that running around is bound to make you hungry. Here’s our pick of 13 USJ dishes and snacks to keep you fuelled on your theme park adventure! Sorted by zones, you’ll never go hungry in USJ with this guide.

Universal Cool Japan Seasonals

1. Detective Conan Crepes @ Detective Conan: Mystery Restaurant

Detective Conan Crepe USJ
Image Credit @____khilya on Instagram
Heiji Crepe USJ
Image Credit @usjfood on Instagram
For some Harajuku-style street food crepes, head to Detective Conan: Mystery Restaurant. Detective Conan is one of this year’s Universal Cool Japan themes, and one of the features is a limited edition series of Detective Conan Crepes!
There are three flavours to choose from, with each representing a different character from the popular anime – the strawberry Conan Crepe, the blueberry cheesecake Kaito Kid Crepe, and the chocolate banana Heiji Crepe.

2. Fujiko Churrito

Fujiko Churritos USJ
Another Universal Cool special – this time for Lupin the Third – the Fujiko Churritos can be found outside the new Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride at the park. This limited edition chocolate and rose snack come drizzled with deep red frosting, topped with raspberry gummies.

Minion Park

3. Minion Pizza @ Minion Park

Minion Pizza USJ
Pineapple on pizza is contentious as it is – but corn? Almost non-existent in North America and several other parts of the pizza-loving world, sweet corn as a pizza topping is pretty popular in Japan.
To try this combination at USJ, head to Minion Plaza for the Minion Pizza. This corn and sausage medley makes for the perfect in-between rides snack, with the crunchy sweet corn kernels adding a great pop of texture and flavour. Add on fries and a soft drink for a full meal.
Corn on pizza? We say yes. You can also find a Minion Choco Banana & Marshmallow pizza if you’re craving something sweet instead!

4. Minion Japanese Curry Omurice @ Happiness Cafe

For a sit-down option at Minion Park, head to the Happiness Cafe for their Minion Omurice Set. The creamy-centred Japanese-style omelette is served on top of rice, with minced beef curry, fries, a side of salad and a drink – making for a balanced meal to fuel the rest of your park adventures.
Protip: Set Meals at Happiness Cafe come with free-flow drinks from the drinks bar!

5. Fluffy Churritos @ Delicious Me!

Fluffy Churritos USJ
Image Credit @usjfood on Instagram
USJ is always churning out new seasonal Churritos flavours. For more rainbow unicorn madness, the Fluffy Churritos at Delicious Me! will do the trick – a strawberry churro base generously dusted with pink sugar, dipped in rainbow-swirled frosting and even more sprinkles.

6. Minions Ice Cream Sandwich @ Delicious Me!

Minion Cookie Ice Cream USJ
Photo Credit: @monamonaco on Instagram
With warmer spring days approaching – it’ll be summer before we know it – ice cream sandwiches are getting more justifiable by the day.
Delicious Me!’s Minion Cookie Sandwiches are almost too cute to devour. These shortbread-based sandwiches are available in a range of different flavours, which rotate seasonally. Some of our favourites are Fruits & Cream, Banana Milk & Fruit, Matcha and Tiramisu.

7. Fluffy Hot Chocolate @ Delicious Me!

Fluffy Hot Chocolate USJ
Image Credits @yuri_zvirbulis on Instagram
If you’re a fan of cute fluffy unicorns, the Fluffy Hot Chocolate at Delicious Me! is just the thing for you. Topped with pink-tinted whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and a mini pink waffle horn, this sweet drink is bound to make anyone smile. Major plus: the adorable Fluffy Unicorn cups.

Amity Village

8. Fried Chicken Sandwich @ Amity Landing Restaurant

Jaws Fried Chicken Sandwich USJ
Image Credit: @jocelyn9520 on Instagram
You might not think it at first, but the Amity Landing Restaurant in the Jaws-themed Amity Village serves up some surprisingly good fried chicken.
Their menu is short and simple – fried chicken by the piece and fried chicken sandwiches. Give their Chicken Sandwich a try – served with a side of fries and a soft drink, the fried chicken is nicely seasoned, with a crisp crust.

9. Jaws Cream Soda Swiss Roll @ Amity Landing Restaurant

Jaws Cake USJ
Image Credit @tdrexplorer on Instagram
With the Japanese penchant for sodas – from the all-time summer favourite Ramune to the culturally iconic milk-based Calpis – it’s no surprise that they’ve managed to turn the fizzy drink into cake form.
Finish off your meal at Amity Landing Restaurant with a slice of Jaws Cake. This ocean-blue swiss roll has a surprisingly legitimate cream soda taste to it and is topped with waves of frosting and a bright blue shark fin candy.


10. Beverly Hills Chocolate Fondant @ Beverly Hills Boulangerie

Chocolate Fondant USJ
Photo Credit: @__rinion_0185 on Instagram
The French-style Beverly Hills Boulangerie in the Hollywood Area has the perfect solution to any sudden onslaught of molten lava cake craves.
There’s nothing sadder than a lava cake that doesn’t flow, but the Beverly Hills Chocolate Fondant doesn’t disappoint – not too sweet, crisp-edged and lightly dusted with powdered sugar, with a centre of chocolate liquid gold.

Jurassic Park

11. Jurassic Hamburg Steak Set @ Discovery Restaurant

Jurassic Hamburg USJ
Image Credit: @anthony.ali on Instagram
All the adrenaline-filled rides and running around the park is going to make your hungry for sure. For a sizable meal that’s #carnivoreapproved, order the Jurassic Hamburg Steak Set at Jurassic Park’s Discovery Restaurant.
The juicy Japanese hamburg steak patty comes with sides of rice, onion rings and veggies – but the star is undoubtedly the runny-yolked “dinosaur egg”, nestled in a crispy potato nest.

12. Turkey Leg-Flavoured Popcorn @ Jurassic Park

Turkey Leg Popcorn USJ
Image Credit: TDR Explorer
Giant turkey legs are considered an iconic part of the theme park experience – often as big as your face, with a deliciously crisp outside.
If polishing off an entire turkey leg seems too daunting, USJ’s Jurrasic Park sells Turkey Leg Flavored Popcorn. Although much lighter in calories, this theme park snack packs a punch in terms of flavour. Not to mention, it’s much easier to eat.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

13. Butterbeer EVERYTHING @ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Butterbeer USJ
It’s been nine years since Butterbeer was turned into reality at Universal Orlando, and our love for the iconic drink is still going strong. Despite its name, this fizzy beverage is non-alcoholic and tastes like a cross between cream soda and liquid butterscotch, topped with a cap of sweet foam.
At USJ’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you can get more than just the classic Cold Butterbeer. During the cold winter months, Hot Butterbeer is available as a seasonal item – just the thing to warm you up as the temperatures dip.
Frozen Butterbeer USJ
Image Credit: @pohyeng on Instagram
Once summer rolls around, the summer-exclusive Frozen Butterbeer becomes a treat in itself on a hot balmy afternoon at the park. USJ also has hard-packed Butterbeer Ice Cream in single serve tubs, with vanilla and butterscotch swirls. One of the newer Butterbeer items is Butterbeer Potted Cream, which made quite the buzz when it first came out – a creamy Butterbeer-infused custard that’s perfect for any season.

Never stay hungry at USJ

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