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Patan and Bhaktapur Tour

4.7 33 reviews | 400+ Booked
In Kathmandu Valley are three ancient cities, once independently ruled by their respective Malla kings: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. In this day trip, visit Patan and Bhaktapur, home to cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites that hark back to Nepal's rich past. You'll learn to appreciate Patan's name in Sanskrit, Lalitpur, which means ‘City of Living Art.' (Hint: it's home to the valley's finest sculptors and craftsmen.) Over in Bhaktapur, experience what it's like to wade slowly back in time, with streets and architecture retaining their olden, brickmade charm. All throughout, pay close attention to their shared religious heritage. Of Buddhist and Hindu backgrounds, both Patan and Bhaktapur are wealthy with temples, shrines, idols and sculptures in honor of their gods – giving you an endless count of sights over which to marvel.
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Kathmandu is so rich in culture and religious significance that it draws travelers from all over the world, seeking enlightenment. This walking tour gives you a fresh look at all these significant historic sites, exploring them from earth level. Meet up with your English speaking guide at the Electric Pagoda Cafe and fortify yourself with some refreshments before heading off on your tour. Your walk will take you to the Swayambhu Stupa, and the famous temples of the region: Indrayani Temple, where offerings are given on Saturdays, Bijeshwori Temple, dedicated to Vajrayana Buddhist deity Vakrayogini, and the Shova Bhagawati Temple dedicated to the goddess Durga. Make a stop at the Nyanang Phelgye Ling Monastery where monks gather to pray, and see the Tibetan Buddhism hallmarks in Maha Manjushree Sarashwate Temple. After this thrilling journey through the cultural and religious sites, you'll head to the Natural Museum of History in Nepal, which introduces you to 200 years' worth of discovered flora and fauna within the region. You'll walk back across the river to see the UNESCO World Heritage site Durbar Square, where your guide will explain has held many numerous cultural and religious celebrations, and therefore a site of great importance. You'll be able to take some time in the marketplace of Indra Chowk, to see the local market culture, before the tour ends.
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Limited time in Kathmandu? This half day morning tour while riding a rickshaw is a wonderful, authentic way to discover this city of enlightenment and see many of what it has to offer. It starts with an early meet up with your English speaking guide at the Electric Pagoda Cafe to enjoy light snacks and refreshments before the tour officially begins. Hop on your rickshaw and prepare to explore, with a first ride from Thamel to Swayambhu Stupa. In this area, you'll see some of the most famous temples on the route. See the Indrayani Temple, with its thick atmosphere dedicated to Kali, then get a good look at Bijeshwori Temple, dedicated to the Buddhist deity Vajrayogini. Feel the presence of the deity Durga in the Shova Bhagwati Temple. Afterwards, visit the Nanyang Phelgye Ling Monastery, which has played host on various religious festivals and celebrations. The well-known Swayambhu Stupa itself and the Maha Manjushree Sarashwate Temple will also be tour stops before you spend a good long while in the Natural Museum of History of Nepal. Here, a collection of brilliant exhibits await you, allowing you to learn more about the flora and fauna of Nepal, and the country's natural environment. Then, you ride back to the city, across the river, and view Durbar Square, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area, also known as Hunuman Dhoka. Your day ends with a ride through Indra Chowk, a ceremonial roadway that is the perfect end to your tour.
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What people are saying about Museums in Kathmandu

Jade Published 614 days ago
This was the highlight of our cultural trip to Nepal. Our tour guide, Ram, was the best! He was our tour guide the previous day in our Kathmandu tour and he has become a friend and family. Our six-year old daughter has fond memories of him. The ride going to these cities was smooth, thanks to our driver. If you are into arts and history, Patan and Baktaphur will leave you in awe. This tour is definitely one for the books and is highly recommended.
Anne Louise Published 566 days ago
Our trip was supposed to be scheduled on feb 23, day after our mountain flight, but since it was moved, I immediately contacted klook if we could have this patan and bhaktapur trip instead and they agreed! This trip has made us appreciate nepal’s history as well as their culture. Their art is really amazing! A must too if you are in nepal.
Wattanakon Published 583 days ago
🤗 Nepal beautiful place There is an old culture, delicious food and a lot of knowledge on culture. From a local guide. 😆 The Guide have knowledgeable attention to details and information very much. She is friendly, helps to take pictures and find snacks to eat. 🙏Thank you very much, the local guide. And I will come again, I ❤ Nepal 🇳🇵
Siriwimon Published 620 days ago
This was one of my best day during my Nepal trip. If I did not buy this tour, I would regret it badly. Of course, I could definitely retrieve all the information from LP and follow the route from the guidebook, but having the guide with you is thousand times better! Ram explained me all the details regarding both towns. All the architectures, wood carvings and statues have their own ancient history behind, and these are all the things you couldn’t find from the book. The guide didn’t seem to be annoyed with me at all when I asked him tons of questions. Also, he was quite nice by asking me to have photos of myself every spot we stopped by as I am a solo traveler. Don’t forget to ask him to take you to have tasty Juju Dhau in Bhaktapur, so your trip could be ended deliciously and happily! 😉
Cheryl Published 734 days ago
This tour was the highlight of my 3-day Nepal break. Mr. Shree, my guide, came early and we beat the other tourists to the heritage sites. He knows the back alleys and was very informative. He speaks really good English and is a renowned guide in Nepal. We visited off-the-beaten track temples and through his guidance, a personal tour by Mr. Ram himself was provided in The Peacock Shop—its paper factory, the devotional room, and his collection of woodcarving displays (those done by himself included). This tour had a personal touch to it, with interaction with the locals. Highly recommended. 👍🏼
CZAR ROD Published 1014 days ago
A must-do tour for anyone visiting Nepal and wanting to get acquainted with its rich history! Minor cons were failure to provide light refreshments and not indicating in the details that the tour guide’s lunch will actually be shouldered by the guest. But it’s fine as my guide was awesome, and he met me straight at my hotel (I didn’t need to go to the assembly place). He also took me to other interesting places that were not in the itinerary. By the way, I wish this tour is available for solo travelers without purchasing it for 2 persons. Perhaps adding a surcharge may work..? Despite that, this tour still deserves 5 stars.

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