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Enjoy a fantastic day out in the sun and open seas with an incredible island hopping and snorkeling experience around Cham Islands. Take a relaxing swim in the tropical waters and revel in the natural wonders that lie beneath the sea. The Cham Islands are located 25 kilometers away from Hoi An Ancient Town. It consists of eight small islands, one of which is recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Marvel at the beauty of sea turtles, clownfishes, and other marine creatures that make up the colorfully diverse ecosystem of Hoi An. Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the sea will surely make you hungry, so a delicious and filling lunch will be served to you for that boost you need to explore further! Get up close and personal with the locals when you visit a fishing village. Learn about their humble way of life with the help of your friendly guide. So what are you waiting for? Book now and create new memories that will last you a lifetime!
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What people are saying about Island Tours in Hoi An

Juliet Published 612 days ago
Fantastic way to experience Hoi An culture and food! I had a wonderful guide Vi, who was so informative, kind and attentive to everything I could possibly need. She had so much knowledge and it was very interesting and great to experience the market, and food culture. The day was full of great activities and the homestead is a really lovely, peaceful and relaxing place to be. Great explanations, demonstrations, and hands on experience of how the rice has traditionally been milled, becomes rice milk, and how it comes to be rice paper, even making my own. Also such a personal experience with grandma making an appearance to demonstrate how the rice is dehusked and separated; at 94 years of age! The recipes are delicious and can be made once I go home, especially as the cookbook with the recipes we made is provided. They are so caring and even provide you with ways to contact them in the cookbook for when you go home should you need recipe support, or suggestions for alternative ingredients if you can’t get ones in the recipes at home. Lots of delicious food, I suggest you do not eat breakfast before coming! A definite must do if you love Vietnamese food.
Dianne Published 919 days ago
Anyone visiting Hoi An should book a course here. Thom walked us through the market explaining the various fruits and vegetables that are used in Vietnamese cooking. A short boat ride followed to Grandma’s house where we prepared 4 courses with the products purchased at the market. After we had eaten our lunch a short boat ride back to central Hoi An completed a great experience.
Hanseul Published 617 days ago
We did cooking class + bicycle tour together. I really enjoyed the money I spent on KLOOK! Cooking class guide Vy Best😘❤ Cooking class, I made spring rolls, banseo, papaya salad and canned tuna. I really enjoyed it. Thanks to the guide Vy, I was able to have fun and finish the food safely. It's best! The bike tour was a bike ride around the island with a guide, and it was a great experience to see all of the countryside. If you are riding a bicycle for the first time, it seems a little hard. The bike tour was really fun to ride a bike and ride a coconut boat! In particular, thanks to the Vietnamese grandmother who shared a coconut boat, I was able to paddle in a fun and unsafe way. It is a program that I challenged to travel alone. The guides took great pictures, joked a lot, and the program was really full. If you want to make a great day in Hoi An, I recommend 😊
kim Published 770 days ago
Please go if you go to Hoi An !! Real trips are so rich and fun !! Cooking class is grandma's cokking class is the truth! I traveled alone, which was the most enjoyable and fruitful time of the four-day itinerary. :) Especially!! Local guide Tom was a short time, but I think I became a best friend. ♥ ︎ i miss you Tom and Thank you ㅎㅎㅎ I couldn't buy much because it was a baggage, but there are a lot of guide neighbors. I'd like to recommend it to those who travel with friends !! Sincerity! It's not just sightseeing, it's melting locally. Cảm ơn bạn! :)
Cleo Published 784 days ago
Amazing experience with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide. It was great to have a local walk you through the market and really explain the story of many of the farmers and sellers of the market. It was amazing to see how the old methods of making rice paper, milk and rice by hand. And the food was delicious, a great chance to learn to make some specialities of Hoi an yourself.
Ruri Published 851 days ago
I participated with my daughter. Another French couple. First of all, I was surprised to get on the boat from the nearby boarding area! I went to Hoi An Market by boat. I had already been to Hoi An Market, but it was difficult to shop with just two people and it was difficult to take pictures, but the instructor woman Tom bought fruits on the spot and let me eat herbs. It was great to tear it off and let me smell the scent, and there were various explanations. I just bought a lot of coffee, lotus tea, coconut oil and so on. After the market, a couple joined and took a 40-minute boat ride again to Tom's parents' house on a leisurely cruise. Slowly with a delicious juice. Demonstration of how to take fir, introduced by Han's aunt. It's just my first experience making rice milk and raw rice paper. And finally cooking in the open air room. Materials, tools, and even an apron are properly prepared. Vietnamese knives are different in usability at first. I had four dishes, papaya salad, vine theo, grilled pork, and tuna stewed in a clay pot. For the final stew, I moved to another room and had white rice, pumpkin and peanut soup, and black sesame paste dessert prepared over there. I went back to the meeting place and got a recipe for the food I made today. It was a great tour for us who are interested in eating and cooking.

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